Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just on Monday afternoon, I hopped on the bus to the badminton courts - not to play, but to watch the MSSD Kinta Utara 2009 Badminton Tounament. Miss Chong had asked me to go and support MGS when I visited school a week back or so. There were many familiar faces there from training and watching the players sweat it out on the court, I missed the days of competitive badminton although I'm not that good. The MGS players didn't fair too well as competition was pretty keen this year compared to '08. I really miss the thrill and excitement of participating in a tournament. So, I've decided to get back in the court with Mr Lee. =)

Today, I made a yummy pot of potato and onion soup. For a first-timer, it tasted good. I'm probably cooking it again for the AF-Cubed CNY visitation. =) Let's see what I can cook up tomorrow with the stuff I have.

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