Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's Feast!

So, what are you doing now?
What are you planning to study?
Which college? What course? Form 6?

Familiar? These are the same questions that people have been asking me almost daily. For a moment, I considered physiotherapy but the thought of studying Bio again makes me shudder. The prospects in Malaysia aren't too good especially if it's sports physiotherapy. A less academic choice would be hospitality and hotel management, but, it's a big no-no from Dad. Alright, what about a combination of art, physics and chemistry? Architecture - sounds good. The downside is the course is very long and tough compared to others. So, I'll just wait for the results and let them decide.

The Star Education Fair was needless to say, packed. I met Mel by coincidence in KLCC. On Saturday evening, we attended a prophetic ministering at Grace Assembly. And then, the best part... FOOD!


Aunt ordered so much - salmon capaccio, soft shell crabs, unagi kamameshi, bento, ramen, miso soup, gyoza kimuchi soup, edamame (green peas) and others - but my sis and I wallopped EVERYTHING down.

It was good (and expensive) no doubt. I enjoyed the gyoza kimuchi, unagi kamameshi, salmon and most of all, the piping hot genmai cha green tea! YUM. Gochisosama!

Other than being a full-time Maria at home, I'm waiting for my L license. The faster it gets done, the faster I can drive. I may be hopping on a bus to KL again next weekend to visit Mel.

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