Sunday, January 4, 2009

International Youth Rally

The Prep: HereWeGo! HereWeGo!

This is the part I like best about the whole event. We had only 2 practices before the combined practice. The I HEART REVOLUTION version of What the World Will Never Take posed a great challenge to me. We had lots of laughs while practicing the instrumental part. Then, there was the supper at Tong Sui Kai where we discussed our dresscode and other prep stuff. There was a morning practice before we headed to MYC for soundcheck. Qi Vin came, tuned the drums and even loaned his bass pedal and cymbals. Thank you!

The Carnival: 1, 2, 3 Kick Off!

There weren't many stalls around and the crowd was small due to the rain. We took this time to have dinner and just loiter around. The skies cleared a little. Nikki and Navin came too.

The Rally: Jump! Jump!

The night kicked off with a cultural performance by the international campers. Then, praise and worship began with Wesley first. Lip Hyean, the drummer, really whacked the drums till the stage floor shook beneath him. And that was how hard QV wanted me to play. Then, it was our turn. I never hit the drums so hard before this. The lights, the onstage heat, the worshipping crowd was exciting. I was already sweating profusely by the time we were through with What the World. It was simply enjoyable. Pastor Steven Low preached for the night and CGBC and Elim were the last two bands. By the time it all ended, we were dead tired.

The Aftermath: ZZZ

Upon reaching home, KJ and I had warm showers and Maggi before hitting the sack.

On the whole, I enjoyed the preparation the most. Now with the rally over, it's back to normalcy. Through this, I got to serve God, get exposure and hone my skills - all of which are priceless and I am grateful for.

No pics!

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