Saturday, January 24, 2009

Handyman Day

A fulfilling day! Dad and I spruced up the house for Chinese New Year. We painted the porch walls and pillars, cleared junk, scrubbed the porch floor, fixed a bright new engine red postbox and washed Dad's car. It was tedious, but all the years of following Dad around made me enjoy this physical work. Good quality time too. =) We worked from 11 am to about 5 pm and the porch was bright white.

I scrubbed this old jar that we use as an umbrella stand. We used it as an indoor plant pot years ago. Little did I know that this jar was once used by my grandma to store charcoal and she had it even before Dad came to be. A family antique? =)

Dad showed me around with the innards of the car while checking on the engine. We did go over this in practical, but Dad explaining it to me himself was nice. Engine parts, fixing a punctured tyre with a tyre weld instead of changing it, filling up the battery and radiator tank. Altogether, it was a nice day with Dad.

We'll be heading back to Butterworth in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. So, BLESSED CHINESE NEW YEAR!

I'm excited for the Cherating trip. Meh. =)

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