Saturday, May 31, 2008


okay... i'm on for band tonight. feeling uneasy with the fast song selection but hopefully it'll turn up well. badminton just now was pretty... AIYO. couldn't play very well. even mr. lee said, "last time you could do it but last week didn't come, now can't already." better brush up quick. i'm missing 2 things that i really wanted to go for this hols - the perak youth tourney and centralised training. well, actually there's no point for me to go for the training anymore as my stint for MGS is over.

looks like i won't get the phone anytime soon anymore. mom said to wait till after SPM. aaa... that's half a year away! and if they depend on how my results are, i don't think i'll ever get one in the end. people with phones as 'chapelang' as nokia 2300 should be happy with what they have. i just depend on mom's nokia 2300 and the house phone. sigh... dad can buy some cekap sony ericsson for karjie but can't even buy a 'chapelang' RM 100 one for me.. *sob*

i can't wait for tomorrow! i'll be shooting off to taiping with my 3 buds for 2 days of pure fun! it took a lot of effort for us to work this out. yeah... i'll be missing youth's water games but oh well, i think i'd enjoy myself with 3 close friends rather than 50 people.

ok... got to makan now... practice starts in a short while. i'll only be back on thursday or friday after visiting my grandparents. so long!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Best Thing

i can't believe that i've managed to abstain from going online for more than a week! well, it wasn't that hard... =D

what happened to HELP debate? after pulling off a fun show at teachers' day celebrations together with the form 5 prefects, we boarded a bus and headed to KL. we worked on the topic till we missed dinner. gastric attack again. we walked out in the dead of the night to get mcD and to go to a nearby CC to get info. 3 gamers there were shouting profanities like mad. every single sentence has F***. not exaggerating here. so we worked and worked and slept only 2 hours or so. phew.

the next morning, we hopped on a shuttle to HICT, Klang. i prayed the whole 1 hour journey and i was pretty burnt out. mr. yap - the big guy there had high hopes on us. it was pressure. debate time was horrible. the government kept misquoting us, contradicting themselves... ahh... it was just their style and accent that captivated the people. the teachers from ABKL were giving us this you-lowly-creature look to us... especially me as i was sitting in the audience. so, what happened? we lost for not drilling them enough which was a stupid reason because we have no supporting analysis as the entire topic is lop-sided. we found out that out of the 8 opposition teams, 7 had lost. apparently, that 1 lucky one - wesley methodist - won because their opponent set the wrong perimeter. is that not obvious enough that it is biased? even batu pahat johor lost! O.o

protests sparked up outside in the lobby. the teachers of the opposition team decided to meet with the adjudicators. REVOLUTION! catholic high, subang utama and mgs debaters became comrades in a second. it is true that problems bring people together. as the adjudicators meeting went on, protests were still going on. the result... negative. no rematch. sigh... everyone was planning to boycott HELP debates, which is a very good plan indeed.

the journey back to damansara was depressing. kitty went to stay with her aunt so that left the 3 of us. we wandered aimlessly around damansara to destress. we indulged in mcflurry, cheesy wedges, nuggets, sprite and milk and then, napped. later, we met up with shao and went around mid valley. we played bowling at the cosmic bowl which is so darn cool as it used UV lights and luminous balls. it was like a club. cool.

on the way back from HICT

destressing at KFC

clark kent wanted? took this outside mcD Damansara

our scoreboard!

we had secret recipe for breakfast the next morning. nuts? yeah... there seems to be no hawker centres anywhere nearby the residence. inside info from eugene chong he's one of the relatively young organisers we decided has good sense of fashion and hair style but if not for his eyes, he would be good-looking! we were ranked 4th most favourite team! thanks everyone who voted. the journey back... it was just krishan and i. so sad... =( but we chatted all the way and i enjoyed it. it was over and it was really saddening. my last debate ever. i loved it so much and i don't even care that i wasn't one of those to go for the trip. i wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. it was the best thing.

this is the best thing,
the best thing that could be happening,
and i think you would agree
the best thing is that it's
happening to you and me.

the best thing by relient k

don't you think so, krishan, navin, kit and shao?

because i haven't been on for a long time, this is gonna be long 'cause lots of things happened! i'll be FFK-ing to taiping with the trio for 2 days-1 night of tennis, swimming, eating and "waterfall-ing". fun, fun.

oh yeah... i went for badminton yesterday with my sis, sean, weng hong, philip, sum, kar khan and jin. the courts were free because it was city day week. AI-YO. i'm not in top form but it was fun. we played mixed doubles - i partnered sum and karjie partnered weng hong. we won! but it was all sum's effort because he covered the court a lot with his long legs and arms. XD then, it was philip-karjie vs. wenghong-me. we won. again, thanks to my partner's ability to cover the court. =) we had ice-kacang and food after that. yum... a nice day. then, oik? philip was at LCTan's that day. he was sitting behind chin hui and i with kar khan and dibin.

it was mel's birthday and yoges' one (i think) on may 29th.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL! i miss you loads.


went handphone shopping with mom and dad. a basic handphone - can SMS and call enough, thank you. we went everywhere and in the end, didn't buy anything. mom said another day. she kept asking why i want one. i cannot give any answer. she keeps thinking that i have a boyfriend. must i have a boyfriend to want a phone??? then at dinner just now, she said "we won't buy the phone for you." ahh... sob.

the nokia 2630. it's relatively cheap and it's slim.

the nokia 5610 xpressmusic. not that cheap but really sleek.

but the one i really want most is the LG Chocolate... this is crazy expensive so forget about it.

i don't think i'll ever get one in the end. until i'm working only lah...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hint, hint!

after ages, i'm back here blogging for real. late news but china won the thomas cup for the 7th time in a row. but i say that the finals match between lin dan and park sung hwan was nothing in comparison to lin dan vs. chong wei. the doubles zhongbo-zhengdong against jae jin-ji man was really bad. hyun il did put up a good fight against chunlai but he was punctured already.

i'm currently saving up for a new badminton bag since my shared old one just tore at its seams. now, my racquet and sean's are stuffed into one small bag which i won't be able to stuff my shirts and shoes in. =/

no definite plans for hols. all i know is i want to play badminton with friends. but don't know whether they'll be free or not. anyone wants to play? ahh... can't play this week. tension... wooo...

octofinals coming up this weekend. it's gonna be hectic. THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT DEVELOPED NATIONS MUST PAY AN ENVIRONMENTAL TAX. opposing. then immediately in the afternoon, IF we beat ABKL, THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT FASHION MAGAZINES ARE DETRIMENTAL TO THE PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF YOUTH. gosh... not enough time to prepare... we met up with shao wen and kave the other day. min jie was in KL. but we couldn't get anything. sigh... i really want to get through this round. oh yeah... in the HELP website, they have this thing: vote for your favourite team. however you can't vote numerous times because they take down your IP address. hopefully we'll get to win that one but i think schools like DJ and DU will win. MGS people, take the hint!


made for him a simple card with pics of stuff that he likes...

phui yan's birthday's tomorrow. did for her something cute that i'll post up AFTER giving it to her otherwise she might chance upon it here and poof no more surprise. excited for her party but what? dresscode... DRESS. gosh. i don't even have a dress or a skirt. other than my pinafore and prefect's skirt. maybe i'll just turn up in slacks. XD they're gonna kill me. hopefully jess is coming.

that's all... night.

you're a butterfly.
going here, getting what you want, then leave.
little do you know, you're breaking the hearts of all the people around you.
continue and you'll be alone in the end.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yet Another Tag

yup... here goes. tagged by phui yan.

things i'm passionate about
.good music
.yummy food

8 things i say too often
.go die la
.anything also can

8 books i read recently
if i don't count reference books for exams recently
.the wonderful life of henry sugar by roald dahl
.old nancy drew & hardy boys' book
.tom sawyer by mark twain
.the badminton book by han jian
.stereotypical macho-man-troubled-past-woman romance antology by nora roberts
.the survivor by jack eisner my favourite
.the Bible in church
.the cross and the switchblade

8 songs i could listen to over and over again
.breathing by lifehouse
.solid rock by delirious
.le ciel by gackt
.the remedy by jason mraz
.first time by lifehouse
.kimi ni negai wo by miyavi
.who we are by lifehouse
.be my escape by relient k

8 thinks i've learnt in the past year
.everyone has different masks for different people
.form 5 is not as easy as form 4 as some people have said
.work without sweat and blood is nothing
.it's easy to tame a lion than to bring 10 humans together
.some things are not worth sacrificing for
.you fall... get up and move on
.the human mental strength is 99% unbreakable
.God reigns

8 people i tag
.me sis
.nyit yi
.ee xin
.yee san
.jo ooi

Saturday, May 17, 2008


tagged! by wenghong

1. write the title of your memoirs using 6 words.
2. post it on your blog.
3. link to the person you have tagged.
4. tag 5 more blogs.


now this is something that has been bugging me. what am i going to do after SPM? i try imagining and this is what i come up with. hectic form 6 life in the bio class in ACS - i'd do things that i'd never got to do like joining the ediboard, go real crazy for sports... or go do matric in some ulu place. or go to USM. then, i'll study physiotherapy but it's so specialised that not many unis have the course. after that, do my masters overseas hopefully. university of teesside? come back as DR. YIWEN. waa... become physiotherapist for famed sports teams like MU(?) or korean badminton team(?). well, i can only imagine...

biologically, it's really hot these few days and i'm sweating like crazy. the heat is driving me nuts. but exams, SPM, badminton, school, music, debate, just about everything... it took me tonnes of effort to actually get to this level. not to say that i'm super good now either. i really need to get to a higher level, especially in my studies, so got to pour out all the sweat, the blood and the effort to get my straight A1s!

i lament and complain a lot here. well, it's called "rantings & lamentations" for a purpose, right? but, i've got lots to thank God for too. some people around me, opportunities, daily provisions, privileges, my family, deskmate... badminton! although he may not be able to afford it, dad always provides badminton equipment for me - my first racquet for my 14th birthday. although he needed badminton shoes badly, he sacrificed his need and bought a good new pair of shoes for me which has lasted more than a year. he pays for all my restringing which costs quite a lot and gets us new grips when we need it. how can i not be grateful?

...are funny creatures. i can never understand some people's behaviours and attitudes. and how they can wear so many masks with different people yet can know exactly who they are. but they are there for a purpose - to make your life hard and make you stronger. well, of course, there are nice people, undoubtedly and i thank God every second for placing them in my life.

well, my life has been... eventful. every single day packed with events, be they good or bad. i love life... i guess. =)

i now tag... phui yan, jean-li, sabrina, ee xin, may jet

Friday, May 16, 2008

Commentator on Duty

i finally got to watch the thomas cup! the semis of malaysia vs. china. for 1st singles was world no. 2 - chong wei from malaysia vs. world no. 1 - lin dan. it was a very controlled and careful fight. chong wei was in top form and he was unbeatable! he kept on playing on the offensive and so, lin dan had no choice but to play defence. i missed the first set because i didn't know RTM decided to air it. only found out when karjie told me. chong wei won 21-12, 21-14. it was a beautiful match. next up was kien keat-boon heong vs. fu haifeng-cai yun. it was a VERY bad performance, especially by triple K. mistakes all the way. three quarter of the first match, i gave up on them and went to do tuition work. without a shadow of doubt, they lost. i missed the second singles choong hann vs. chunlai. but sadly, the malaysian bowed out. second doubles was a smashingly good game. fairuzizuan-zakry vs. zhongbo-zhengdong. they played against each other for the first time and although the chinese pair towered over them (zhong bo is 188cm tall), they were not shaken. these young pair just smashed their way on to winning the match. 5++ smashes in a row... insanely good. third singles was hafiz vs. chen jin. chen jin who is supposedly really good i haven't watched any matches of his went on to smash hafiz out of the game. i believe that is they sent the veteran team, tan fook-wan wah in second doubles, we could've had a better chance of winning. sigh... i'm so sad. =(

wow. that was a very long commentary.

anyhow, exams. today's papers - math obj., est 2 and history 2. well, okay... it was manageable. guess what? we have to resit our math 2 paper! pn. lim set the whole paper according exactly to the asrama schools' trial paper, which, coincidentally, was given to some of us as an exercise. how could this have happened? after all, the ketua panitia checked the paper. it's just stupid. so unfair to us. i didn't realise that i'd done it before anyway. i just thought the format was almost the same as SPM 2003 math paper. blur me. XD

band practice just now right after steven. i had to eat dinner in the car all the way to church. i'm so rusty. well, i guess the whole band was also rusty after not touching our instruments for ages. so, the practice dragged on till 10:30 pm. i was so sleepy and tired but we kept replaying and replaying i adore and everything that has breath. shao wen is... singing. singing?!?! yup. he is. the main worship team will be away on retreat tomorrow but i didn't go, so, it's like all of us bidan terjun.

qivin left just 3 hours ago. i will miss him, i guess. my 'sort of' mentor. farewell!

i can't wait to start on debate. woo...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heaven's Door

i have officially flunked bio! joy... and bio was supposed to be my stronger science subject.

thomas & uber cup is on! malaysia managed to beat the kiwis and koreans so far. but sadly, i cannot watch one match because they don't air it on national TV and i have exams. sigh... i wonder what's the results for today's matches. hopefully malaysia will get to bring both the cups back. but there'll be a tough fight against opponents like china. thomas cup, possible, but uber? i don't think we've made it to semis before. go, malaysia!

tomorrow, i have an english paper and math 2. ok... not too bad. should be okay. then on thursday, physics day. this is going to be tough because i'm quite bad in my electricity part.

usually, every teachers' day, the form 5 prefects and librarians will do some joint performance. but this year, i don't know why, they don't want to do it. it our year! =/ i might even miss that day because we'll be going to KL again for HELP octos. but we haven't gotten approval from mrs. lee to leave in the morning. either sit on KTM or bus again. excited for both.

i was thinking of holding something like a worship meeting for CF committee members... get in tune with God. i don't even think that we are in sync with one another. sigh.

i'm really addicted to this song - breathing by no other but lifehouse. kinda christian-y but not the kind you sing during worship.

'cause i am hanging on every word You say
and even if You don't wanna speak tonight
it's alright, alright with me
'cause i want nothing more
than sit outside heaven's door
and listen to You breathing
is where i want to be.

Sunday, May 11, 2008




finally started with study group but shao wen didn't come because he's got conjunctivitis! poor fella. =D managed to kill some bits of chemistry that i'm really bad at.

CG discussion was really long. at first there were 5 of us, all BK students - shaowen, jason, serene, debbie and i. but then, kerry and joseph joined us. qivin's leaving on friday already... =( we all sang that song "cos i'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again..." but changed the lyrics. well, more like sam who sang it...

mom wants me to give up the two things that i love so much - badminton and drums. she wants moral tuition (p/s: anyone with info of subra's moral tuition?) for me that coincides with badminton and wants me to play drums only once a month. with qivin leaving, how can i? i've even stopped playing for service. if i have to sacrifice so many things just to get that sheet of paper that says "11A1s", i'd rather flunk SPM. i was all gung-ho in getting 11A1s when i was in form 4 but now, i really am letting go slowly and giving up already. just to get 5A1s is so impossible. sigh. is there more to life that school and passing exams?

even as i'm currently in the phase of studying, i've switched from rock miyavi to more subtle music by lifehouse, united and chris tomlin. =D

i really miss mel all of a sudden. her birthday's in about two weeks time. oh, small world. mel's in the same debate team as that guy at HELP. gosh... i don't even know what school my close or not so close anymore friend goes to...

From Where You Are by Lifehouse

So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you
Yeah, I miss you
So far away from where you are
Standing underneath the stars
And I wish you were here

I miss the years that were erased
I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face
I miss all the little things I never thought that they’d mean everything to me
Yeah, I miss you
And I wish you were here

I feel the beating of your heart
I see the shadows of your face
Just know that wherever you are
Yeah, I miss you
And I wish you were here

So far away from where you are

These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you
Yeah, I miss you
And I wish you were here...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Foodie on the Hunt

since dad said "no" to my choice of culinary arts, i stopped cooking. but today, i woke up feeling like cooking and what else? i cooked. i managed to rope sean in and got him to chop up veggies. so, this is what we had.

sausages fried in garlic butter

fried butter omelette

mixed veggie tossed in butter



chocolate milk

good? although it wasn't much, we were stuffed. yum. we made a deal to cook every saturday morning together. well, it's me who does the frying things and sean does the chopping and washing.

badminton was great. especially the drill. joe heang gave thumbs up and a "90 marks". LOL. mr. lee didn't come... dunno why but i just saw him yesterday. sparring was poor but i managed to win both singles and doubles' sets. XD

when i got back... i got ice-cream and mixed it with chocolate chips, those pastel stars and cereal puffs. haha. so "wai sek" today... hehe. XD

looks good? yum..

got to go for service later, then study the whole night... chemistry. aiks. tomorrow, study group, finally! anyone wants to join us? =D

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ancient Relic

i found this superly ancient photo of 3 Hornbill '06! all those prizes there, all together 12, were won from the post-PMR activities. we swept all the prizes in the whole thing! haha. i remember that the 4 of us, jess, glenna, deb and i won the endangered animals scrapbook, the spontaneous story-telling and 2 talent time awards for our rendition of You & Me by lifehouse. haha. fun times... i'm that scrawny, VERY skinny kid in the first row, extreme left. i had long hair then. ancient times. boy, i miss them. btw, that's chin hui on the extreme left. LOL

Coffee Nights

i'm back after almost a week! hectic week, foul moods. blablabla. symptoms of exams. i've officially thrown add math, history and moral into the drain.

i've finally cut my hair after many postponing but it looks pretty odd now. aiks.

guess what? all my medication went poof! gone. i brought it to school because i need the pritaren and i have to eat the other at regular intervals. but then, it just disappeared. i was so upset on tuesday night that i couldn't sleep - the night before exam. i searched in school, asked around, to no avail. started the day on a bad note and it went on in the same way.

ooo.. i might go take undang during hols! cool, cool, cool. i can't wait to drive. but my birthday is still so far away...

HELP debate octos. we really need help. the motion is something about making developed contries pay environmental tax. what is environmental tax?!?! we tried finding info but none. who do the countries pay it to? the UN or what?

anyone with news on IIR... updates, please!

anyway, i'm pretty washed out. i overslept and missed dinner - 7pm to 2:30am. woke up suddenly and studied all the way till 5:30am with the help of nescafe and woke up at 6. so... i'll be going to bed now. night.

Monday, May 5, 2008

One Little Bug

the exam fever is on! seven people were absent today. we became fakers today and faked our kerja amal moral because we were short of pics. sigh... all of us rushing to complete one folio although exams are so near.

my trip to the doctor's last night was painful. first, he asked the nurse for forceps. my eyes could pop out. those big sharp ones like in the bio lab? O.o so, he went about squeezing the wound and pressing it with his fingers and the sharp forceps. no good. "nurse, bring me the blue needle."

oh shyte.

he started poking, prodding, probing every nook and cranny of that tiny wound with that sharp needle. probe... remove needle... probe... remove. and what happened in the end?

"oh, there's no sting. i don't know what it is. it could be just a bite mark."


brilliant huh? so, till now, i have no clue what it is. but if it gets worse, i'll have to see him again. that short painful visit resulted in me having to take a heavy dosage of 6 capsules of red & black antibiotics a day (to prevent infections), pritaren painkillers and some cream thing. all because of one tiny bug that is probably dead by now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008



that's what they were all reciting in myf today in order to get a free big mac at mcD.

so... i tried restraining but the temptation of the net was too overwhelming. i returned to badminton training and boy, i am unfit already! we did singles training which i sucked badly. then the doubles drill. fun. smash, smash, smash all the way. we got to train with the bigger guys also. they're not older, 'cause i'm the oldest there! they are mainly the geng fellas like chun leong, shi jie, deric, tan, kelvin... just to name a few. then played attacking matches. won 1 out of 2. lost the second by 2 points! you should see the difference in size between me and my opponent! XD it was a good sweat out after such a long time since i've touched my racquet.

qivin played for both night service and myf. i wonder when i can actually be as good as him... well, i guess never. sigh. i pale in comparison to him.

i got stung by godknowswhat. so, i've got to see the doctor as the sting is embedded in the puncture wound. my shoulder is swelling. =/

yay... we are gonna start study group. so far, shao wen, adelyn and i. then, we'll see if more want to join. but it shouldn't be too big, otherwise we'd end up chatting.

guess what? i was locked out of my house for the umpteenth time! *sob* mom and dad picked me up from myf and were rushing to a wedding dinner. reached home and oik? karjie's car wasn't in. did she go to church to pick me up??? so i went into the porch. note that i had no key or handphone. dad drove off and i ran to the hate waving like a mentally deranged soul, but they didn't see. so, i waited there and pounded on the door till it shook and the psychotic chihuahua next door barked at me. i decided to walk out to the payphone. this is not the first time i've did this because i've been locked out before! but the usual phone was spoilt. %*£^@ walked from phone booth to phone booth but all spoilt. then, i went home. lo and behold, karjie's car was home! she thought i was kidnapped because i left my Bible and sejarah book on the shoe cabinet.

anyone going for starwalk? looking forward to it. i can't wait for Ipoh International Run! i must do better than my place as the 63rd medallist. is this supposed to be good? XD excited...

i'm glad we're okay.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sledge Hammer Moments

what is a body if it is not complete? a head alone? or a head and an arm? probably useless. today, i was there - head. anna - the neck was there. however, both the arms of were missing - jessica and debbie - and so were many other body parts. the right arm was especially important as she often helped me sort out announcements and the PA system. but she is totally excused. tennis... what to do? mgs librarians should learn a thing or two about proper service. things were pretty disappointing today. pn. tan decided that we shouldn't announce the meeting dates suring assembly so the turnout was horrid. 39, instead of the usual 60 or so. only 10 parts of the body were there instead of the supposed almost 20. the body is like the main gear in a clock. if the one gear is missing, none of the gears can move and so, the clock won't function. same here - if the committee does not work together, nothing else will work out. no prior notice, nothing. this is very disappointing.

SONG talked about our relationship with God. then, i realised that yes, my relationship with God has pretty much gone down the drain. ai ling used rafia strings to represent our relationships. and smash, i realised that i'd better do something before i go all non-believer with God. isn't it ironic that i'm put up there in CF and my relationship ith God is deteriorating every breathing second?

right now, i just feel like smashing someone's head with a sledge hammer. SPLAT. DIE.

explain. i don't want to misinterpret you.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chocolate Smarties

ok... when i got back from tuition, we finished coating the brownie with thick chocolate sauce and decorated it with smarties and stars. finished doing it only at about 11:30. supposed to study but then, we went to sleep. zzz

oh yeah... i forgot. we finished painting the banner on tuesday. but when we were supposed to finish it by the third last period, the wind blew and the whole tarpaulin banner flipped over and so, CHOP... one side on the other. our hearts... all broken. but we managed to clean it up and do everything up nicely. but it just wasn't the same. we finished up 1 whole big bottle of turpentine. and we needed some more. crazy. here are some pics...

before the wind destruction and the background

the best pic i got with the background before the wind thing.

the artists. (note: nikki's not in the pic 'cause she's taking the pic)

aftermath of the wind: the messed up one

the cake we baked for kar khan. looks yummy huh?

so yeah... we went to mcD this morning and met up with kar khan, weng hong, sum, philip, wayne and steven. after singing happy birthday with the small fake cake, they smashed it into his face. fortunately, the candles were extinguished unlike the event of shao wen's birthday this year. ouch.

not that i expect more. any double meaning?

i just didn't know what to say... sorry.

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