Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the Roulette

There is only one word to describe the whole Macau trip - WAHH! Let me try to summarise the whole trip in a pictorial and captions.

The 8 travellers Yoyo-ed to LCCT but much to our disappointment, our flight was delayed by an hour due to heavy rain. Thanks for praying.

On board the plane, it was fairly alright except that I suffered from the adverse effects of changing air pressure. The temperature was a cold +/-15 degrees Celcius but my Relient K-like parka kept me warm. Our hotel was the Grand View in Taipa Island. 4 stars. Macau SAR is made up 3 islands - Macau, Taipa and Coloane.

The hotel casino. The second Chinese character is the 'Yi' character of my name.


If you thought KL was bad, think again.

The following day, we headed to to neighbouring Hong Kong and Disneyland, where I became a kid once more. It was just so great. And the route I worked out was correct! Future tour guide in the making. :) Mom, Dad and my aunt couldn't join us in D-land unfortunately as Mom suffered from motion sickness from the ferry ride. PTL she's fine now.

Canton Road, Hong Kong

The Disneyland Line

Here, I leave you pics from D-land.

My SAKAI sister.

The first show was the Royal Ball in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle where Princess Aurora and Prince Philip appeared.

Then, we went for the Festival of the Lion King in Adventureland which was a spectacular play of lights, powerful vocals and stage effects. All the performers were great but Scar was the best. I've got no pics of the show though. My cam doesn't capture well in the dark.

At Main Street, USA, we lined the street for the LET IT SNOW Christmas Parade. There was even foam-like snow falling on us. The floats.. thumbs up!

Recognise these guys? They're the toy soldiers from Toy Story.

We also had the opportunity to enter Mickey Mouse's house which is only open on Christmas. Everything in there is made out of plastic. The guy elf in there was so cute with his prancing and pointy ear, but I haven't got my pic with him yet.

In Tomorrowland, we played this shooting game - Astro Blasters which was so addictive. You, the space cadet, have to shoot all the Z's of Emperor Zurg while seated in a moving 'space ship' (I think).

Astro Blasters!

Night fell and the whole place was lighted up so beautifully.

KJ and I drove a car in Autopia, where I sucked badly at driving. How am I going to pass my driving? Haha. Then, the grand finale - a pyrotechnic spectacular.

The next morning was a day on Macau Island. We visited the Ruins of St. Paul which was once a college but was destroyed in a fire, leaving the facade. The Museum of Macau which is located on the Hill of Monte Fortress held lots of the colourful Chinese heritage.

The Monte Fortress.

We had the Macanese 'lok lok' which is not as fun as our Malaysian version. The 'ngau chap' (beef stew with stomach) was fantastic. Itadakimasu!

The night was spent at the Macau Fisherman's Wharf, a huge area that is sprawled along the coast of Macau Island.

Giant guitar!

Currently, I miss the Macanese weather a lot. It's super hot here, so all I wanna do is sleep. The food there isn't spectacular though and almost everyone there is smoking like chimneys. The whole city is well-planned and beautifully landscaped. It's relatively clean compared to Ipoh and the roadways are pedestrian-friendly. Not to mention, there are barely any traffic jams as most Macanese depend on the reliable bus service.

I love it there and I wouldn't mind going there again for a much longer trip. Oh yea... I didn't get to meet Shawn Yue there. No fate no fate.

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