Thursday, December 4, 2008


It was Undang Day. One of the weirdest day ever and also the most boring. I expected to go through the 5-hour lecture alone, but it turned out that Ka Yee was there too. We had to take our thumb prints down and I expected what would happen. My finger print did not match my MyKad print. When my prints were scanned, it turns out that I don't have any print pattern. Odd, huh? It happened before when I applied for my passport.

After the whole thing was over, we had to queue up to 'thumb' out again. The lecturer began shouting out "Yi Wein, Yi Weing, Yi Weng!" All the funny pronounciations. Everyone stared at me and laughed also as I walked hurriedly to him. I got to skip the long line and sign out without giving my prints. Then, Mr. CantoMotorbikeBoy came and added to the weirdness of the day. Eeeyuck. Weird, weird.

Rain, rain go away. I wanna play captain ball. The Korean actor hair is no more. But, it's plain weird now. HMM.

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