Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flight to the Land of Portuguese Egg Tarts

I'll be heading to KL at 9 am tomorrow and flying off to the Land of Portuguese Egg Tarts. YUM. As excited as I am, I'm not sure whether I've packed sufficient (thick) clothing and other necessities.

Macau has overtaken Las Vegas as the gambling hub and who knows? I may strike JACKPOT. Ka-ching! I'll come back 100,000 patacas richer. Haha. After a tedious online research, I managed to work a proper route from Macau to Hong Kong Disneyland. Let's hope it's right.

Qi Vin is back and he has put me up for the morning Christmas service. Hopefully, Yi Wen the Drum Noob will get in touch with the drums before Christmas. And ou... the rally.

I can smell the tempting aroma of the yummy egg tarts beckoning me. So for a good day tomorrow, I'd better sleep now. See you on the 18th.

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