Sunday, December 7, 2008

Artistic Flairs and Writers' Block

Pretty busy being out the past few days, but, slightly boring. There was Karjie's class barbecue which I was somehow involved in. We went rush shopping for ingredients and made orange jellies till late at night. And I wrapped Mrs. Chin's fruit basket. Oh, she'd better love me.

I carved this orange while cutting them up.

There was Steven's dinner night, but, being the banana that I am, I couldn't understand what people were saying. The food was so-so and it was an assembly of a LaLa congregation. I think my contacts could pop up. Eye contamination. Sorry, but no pics.

I went with my aunt to the Shekinah bookstore and I saw this:

It was the kindergarten Christmas party today. Since Dad is involved, I was roped in. My bicycle's acting in the drama. So, I can't go cycling till after Christmas. :( And Dad gave away all our kid soft toys to the kindy. :(

just like yours.

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