Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Weekend of Food Food Food

Early on Saturday morning, I was ready to leave the house with Jason for morning prayer. I locked up and threw the keys back inside. Then I realised the gate was still padlocked. #@%*! Jason laughed as I attempted to climb over the gate. Fortunately, Mom woke up and gave me the keys while laughing. Ah... Then, the two of us and Adelyn walked all the way to church. :) All these things are possible with me. Haha.

It was a day of love and celebration as Gavin (who happens to be my cousin) got married to Evelyn. The wedding service was held in church and was pretty informal. Both the bride and groom shed tears. Gavin even serenaded Evelyn with a meaningful song.

The Serenade

Then, there was the wedding dinner at night in Casuarina. There was praise and worship. It was the funniest and longest wedding dinner I've ever attended. There were games, speeches, Gavin singing again etc. Fortunately, I had company over the phone. XD It lasted till 11:30 or so. Congrats to the newlyweds!

We celebrated Karjie, Kaufoo and Aunty Lee Wah's birthdays together.

I've been eating through the weekend and last night was no exception. Uncle Benjamin's maid of 10 years was leaving for Indonesia so he threw a small party for her. She preaches and serves in the Kebaktian Bahasa Malaysia in church. Pastor Ashok actually prayed for her in BM and he was good.

I'll be going for my Undang soon. Hopefully, I'll have someone to accompany me. :)

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