Friday, November 7, 2008

Wasabi Nuts..

It was...

on Wednesday.

There was A LOT of yummy food.
Pizza, Kentucky, Cheezy Wedges, fries, seafood platter, sparkling juice and the best of all...


The evil form 4 Rangers spread WASABI generously on our sushi and force fed us. Jamie was the first to feel the heat, followed by me. POOFFFTT. The taste was terrible, as though I had swallowed a bucket of paint. Then, the spice crept into my airways. Dragon breath... Jamie was in tears and all the other Form 5s were spiced. We decided to gain revenge by spiking their chocolate cake with WASABI. *evil grin* We really squirted a lot in. Hehe.

I'm washed out. I spent the whole day at the Tun Razak library with Karjie and Preeya. We had lunch at Mixed Cuisine. I had spaghetti and they gave me chopsticks to eat. Well, it's called mixed cuisine for a reason. :) Then, a 2-hour dosage of Add Math tuition. Chin Hui disturbed me and I nudged her back. She gave out a loud shriek (?) which caught the attention of Steven. She malu-fied. Haha. Study till sor today. Can't wait for it to begin so that it can end.

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