Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quotable Quotes and Valuable Notes

A little update from the prisoner of books.

Our chief invigilator is a Mr. Lim whom some people call 'Pembaca Buku'. He reads from the script for all the instructions, but he's a nice fellow. We all can predict what's he about to say.
"Sekarang, karung keselamatan akan dibuka untuk kali pertama..."
"Peperiksaan hanya tinggal 10 minit lagi. Pelajar tidak dibenarkan keluar dari dewan."

But he also has odd lines like when we were so impatient to get out of the hall after English II:
"Baik, anda boleh keluar dari dewan peperiksaan. Kalau nak keluar dari tingkap pun boleh ya?"
Or after History:
"Anda boleh keluar dan pastikan anda keluar dengan senyuman manis pada muka dan senyap."
But we were too noisy and excited so:
"Pelajar MGS tahu apa maksud 'senyum' tapi tak tahu maksud 'senyap'. Balik, check kamus."

There are two other male invigilators - a Mr Chin and a Malay guy. The Malay fella's perfume is WHOOSH! *coughcough* The female invigilators are all Malay women but their English is really good. There's one super tall and skinny who is aptly dubbed 'Tiang'. SWT.

I'm pretty certain that I've got an A1 in my pocket for Math. Yippee. The day ended pretty early, so, I headed to the library for revision for the holy paper. I managed to cover Acts 1-5 by doing the notes guide. It was crowded, so, the noise level was above normal, especially from the 4 Makciks beside me.

BK, BK, BK. I did so badly for trials. I realy do hope that the saying, if you can pass Mrs. Ting's marking, you can get A1 for SPM, is true. Monday is coming...

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