Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drum Talk

Since only EST is left, I've begun watching drum vids on YouTube. I'm not really updated in the drumming scene (drum fests etc), but I decided to check out Tony Royster Jr., a pretty reknown drummer in drumming circles. He endorsed my Vic Firths.

That's how I got to know of him. As Qi Vin said, "This fella, young drummer, very good." And I have to agree.

Royster is only 24 years old and began drumming since he was 3. He's often referred to as a "prodigy" by his fans. He won the 1995 Guitar Center National Drum-Off competition in Hollywood at only 11 years of age! He has played for big events like the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards and PASIC (Percussive Art Society International Convention), and big people like Jay-Z and Hikaru Utada. He was also voted as the #1 Up and Coming Drummer in the Modern Drummer magazine.

He plays for the American R&B band Imajin and LazyEye.

Just a short vid, but it's awesome.

happy drumming!

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