Sunday, November 2, 2008

De-drugged day

Just one badminton-less week and my body is too full of excess adrenaline (or epinephrine, fellow bio students!). Abstinence from badminton and drumming is akin to cold turkey treatment for me. My hopes of drumming today were squashed when some kiddos conquered and divided the drums. I waited for the right moment to seize the prized possession, when, suddenly Kid #1 and Kid #2 left it unguarded. I jumped into action and Kid #3 surrendered and handed me the sticks. Triple kill... Now, the drums are miiine! But, in the end, it was Jon who played. Poing, poing, poing.

Odd things I'm writing. Hmm. I wanna play badminton. But as everyone is enveloped in the SPM/STPM fever, I guess I'll be playing badminton with the wall. Anyone game for a game or two this week after school? :D

Toink, toink. Wall - 1, Yi Wen - love.

I'm feeling uber hyper now, but at the same time, sien. Pooh. 8 days. Too close for comfort.

Anyway, for promotion's sake, my sis has this game called REAL MEN on her blog. So, check it out.

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