Monday, October 20, 2008

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1. Define friends.
A mixture of the good and the bad.
The good: Your walking stick for support, your roller coaster ride - fun, your warm cup of milk - comforting.
The bad: Plain ugly.

2. What song are you listening right now?
Relient K's Five Score and Seven Years Ago album

3. Do you smoke?
If I did, "off with my head!"

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.

5. List out two things you'd like to do now.
Play badminton like crazee.
Jam on the drums with no one around to listen and judge.

6. What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?

7. What's the latest thing you bought with your own money?
Other than food, a black drum stick case. :)

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to your mind. Who will you most likely date?
I haven't met that person of the opposite sex.

9. Currently into?
Shawn Yue and Relient K.

10. Getting married is going to heaven or grave?
Depends on your partner after the wedding.

11. How many kids do you want?
This question again?

12. Do you hate your ex bf/gf?
Never dated.

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
Some Chinese restaurant in Bercham for grandpa's 85th birthday.

14. Name the latest book you bought.
Revision books.

15. Do you believe in open book test?
Of course. It shows whether you are a really stupid person or not.

16. Single or Attached?
The former.

17. Name the first person that comes into you mind now.
Sam. Because I'm chatting with him.. about... the rain(???)

18. The most exciting place you want to go.
The US, UK and France.

19. Which quality is more important in a lover? Looks or personality?
Personality but looks do matter, as I have said.

20. Make 3 wishes.
To have the wisdom of Solomon.
To have the mysteries revealed to me.
To be able to discern right and wrong choices.

I tag:
Weng Hong
Phui Yan

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