Monday, October 20, 2008

Something out of nothing

Twenty more days to SPM. Two days after Grad Night. Time for serious digestion of knowledge.

There was a significant increase in my results but it was below average to me, to my parents and horrendous to smart-pants'. Looks like I have to triple my efforts.

I read in the Daily Bread this morning in the semi-darkness on the way to school - do something out of nothing. It spoke about praying when you have nothing on your hands, like when you're waiting for a bus or on the way to school. So, in the evening, in the car, I pondered upon it and began to pray. I haven't done that in ages. It was oddly spontaneous.

"God, please give me the wisdom of Solomon to deal with daily obstacles. Just as You have promised in Your Word, reveal to me the things that have been kept from the wise and learned. Give me a complete understanding of the things that I know and will know in future. Stir up within me a spirit of learning and a teachable heart."

I know I don't have the brains but I can be hardworking and I have the living God in me. That's something many don't have. So, I'm really sure that He will continue to pour out rivers of strength. But, of course, I've got to do my part.

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