Monday, October 27, 2008

Scholarship Dilemma


Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been successful in your application for the HELP University College School Achiever Scholarship Award (SASA) 2009.

This coveted scholarship valued at RM 16000 is awarded for the study of A-levels at HELP University College for the academic year 2009 only...

Like Ka Yee, as in her blog, I was absent from school on Friday when the letter arrived. So, yeah, I managed to clinch a 16K scholarship for A-levels for only one year. Sounds great, huh? But wait till you hear this:

In order to confirm acceptance of the scholarship, successful candidates are required to ......... together with a payment of RM 550 covering ......... by 29th October 2008. The balance of the ......... of RM 811 is to be paid by the 22nd of December 2008...

Upon commencement of the course, candidates are required to pay the balance of the Course Fees and External Fees (if any) by the last day of payment...

So, 'seh' right? Have to pay RM 1361. Big headache. No scholarship, problem. Got scholarship, also problem. A-levels at HELP costs about 21K minimum. Even medicine at USM costs only RM 900 per semester. Absurd no?

Dad said, don't worry. I think, worry.
Dad said, I believe there'll be great results. I think, 11A1s?!
Dad said, no straight A1s, there'll still be a way. I think, uni don't want la...
Mom says, UTAR!!! I say, not UTAR!

I still wanna do culinary arts or hotel management.

Diwali at Krishan's place today. I got RM50 for green 'ang pau'! And I think I've gained extra 5 kg and my cholesterol has shot up to the skies because I OD-ed* on mutton curry. Haha. We got lost at first. We went down Lahat Road instead of taking the turn past MHS, resulting in a screaming tense Shao Wen. All was well in the end.


Now, I've gotta get back to studying again. 11A1s right? :) Thanks to Karjie, I'm hooked on to Ayakashi as well. Their art is absolutely WOW.

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