Saturday, October 18, 2008


Alright, since it will be pretty boring for me to dawdle on weeks of events, here's a pictorial post.

My first birthday cake at Secret Recipe

Smashed by cream on the second celebration in church.


And got surprised in my pajamas for a third celebration by some crazy fellas. Spent the day out then had dinner with them and (oik?) Philip and Weng Hong as well. I was very well surprised. Best birthday ever.

Sleepover at Adelyn's. That's her being camera-shy.

Bio class study on growth of plants.

My first time cooking fried mee. It was okay.

HELP University College interview at Syuen. It was great.

Vincent doing naughty things to a sleeping Daniel during study group.

CGMC Kindergarten Concert

I got to watch Shawn Yue in Infernal Affairs II on Thursday!

It had a great plot, full of 'kan cheong' moments. They had a star cast of Francis Ng, Edison Chen, Eric Tsang, Anthony Wong, Carina Lau and many others. But most of all, it was great because of Shawn Yue. XD

Grad Nite!

Mrs. Lee and Jess. FUYOH.

5S2 teacher Ashikin and I.

Adelyn XD

Organising committee Janna

The Grad Queens - Nikki and Navin - and I.

The funniest part is that I was selected for Top 20. We had to catwalk.
Then, even funnier. Top 10. But of course I didn't go into Top 5 because we had to dance. LOL!


I'm really excited for this event. For those who have no clue about it,
it's organised by Scripture Union West & East Asia
on the 3rd of January 2009
at the MYC.

There's gonna be praise and worship and CGMC's involved.
No prizes for guessing what I'm doing.

I'm really hyped up about this. My biggest event was only Good Friday service. This would be my biggest and probably the biggest in my whole life.

But, of course, the centre of it all is GOD.
I can't wait.
That's pretty much it. Now, after all the hype and fun, it's time to get down and hit the books. Then, SPM and then, the fun - Rally, Macau, Christmas, friends, holiday, NO SCHOOL!

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