Thursday, October 30, 2008

the formulae of sickness

When I started dreaming of complex mathematical and physics formulae that probably don't exist, I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. I roused myself from my disturbed slumber, and I was right. Crazy stomach pain. 2am.

I spent almost an hour praying and contemplating whether to wake my piggy Karjie. Finally, I decided to ruin her beauty sleep.

Oi, Karjie. *nudgenudge* I got bad stomach ache la.
Very pain la...
Orh.. *roll over*

HMMPH. Last resort, Mom. The vast difference between Mom and Karjie was the speed of response. The night was bad and the morning was worse. Killer headache and all the crazy old man ailments. So, I spent the whole Thursday horizontal in bed, sleeping for almost 22 hours. Liquid diet. Bleh. Mushroom soup. Lou shi fun. Today, I'm up and about, back to my normal diet. Porridge with Bovril and wantan mee. Yum.

No more badminton for me anymore. Bid adieu to Mr. Lee last week with a little gift. :/

Sweets and orange thins from the land where all my phone credit is going to - Sweden.

All night of prayer's victory march.

Sean's birthday. Odd shot.

Sam's cute drawing of Pikachu. :) I couldn't resist.

BTW, Chin Hui the purplepervertedcat has a blog. Weng Hong, let's go spam her chatbox! :)

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