Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Crazy Sakai ~meow

I hereby declare tomorrow, the 4th of September 2008, a holiday!

We had PJ after ages and probably our last. With 12 absentees and 13 bookworms only 9 of us played a "rule-less" netball. It was crazy because there were so few of us. By the time we we 15 minutes into the game, we were punctured. Nevertheless, it was fun and it evoked many wonderful memories of PJ classes. We also played jump rope. Kids. =)

Dear Little Miss Chin Hui got involved in an accident on the way to Genting. Thank God that His hand of protection was over the Ho family. She escaped unscathed except for several bruises while her family was spared as well. I don't really know the whole story as I can't find the time to chat with her. But, there was one casualty. I kept wondering, what if that one person was her? Would I even know whether she was involved? I thank God for getting to know this crazy sakai more this year. Despite her extreme craziness, she might be the few reasons for me to go to school. As Cik Tengku's class darling, she's an interesting entertainment, a species of her own, with her favourite tagline "Nyaaaaaa..". I have no idea what's it though. But, yeah, thanks to her..

-my Cantonese does not suck so badly anymore
-I get to eat good food on Thursdays
-I'm more open-minded and less serious
-I have more friends from different groups

So, thanks, Auntie. Don't hidung kembang, kepala kembang when you read this.
Got to get my hair cut for the Taylor's interview. I'm like a shaggy dog. =)

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