Sunday, September 21, 2008


Shao Wen drove over to pick me up and brought me to the Syuen Secret Recipe where they had a little surprise treat for me. It was really nice and though I don't really know Kave and Hardeep, they celebrated and were very warm and funny. Krishan and Jo were there too. We laughed a lot and then we headed to Navin's place to hang out. I had tonnes of fun. So, a million thanks to them otherwise I would have been home studying and having dinner alone.

Thank you also to Shu Qi for the book, to Adelyn for another book and the cross, to Sean and Dad for the little SE and especially Sam and Leland for the great Relient K album. I like Deathbed too, Sam!

Thank you for all the wishes too, be it on the net, by mouth or SMS.

I stayed over at Adelyn's to study last night where we gave our ears a treat by listening to the Relient K CD and also Lifehouse. Hmm. I realised that the person who actually influences my English and secular music preference is Sam. :)

Drama! Drama! Some stuff happened today. The glare of displeasure, the harsh message, the unanswered phone call, the abrupt answer, the silence. Woo-oo-oo-oo.

After CG today, SPLOT! Di-yan (I think) smacked a whole blob of whipped cream on my face. Surprise... CGMC style. Cream cream everywhere. There was the yummy apple cake which I think D picked out. YUM. It was really nice of Shao as CG leader to do this twice. It was nice.

All the silly pics will be up in the next post! Too lazy right now.

Ahaha. Great news, but it'll have to wait a few weeks first. :)

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