Friday, August 29, 2008

Temperamental Women

Grad Night. ICE WORLD. What a theme. More like a mass wedding ceremony minus the grooms.

As trials are coming nearer, I, one desperado, headed off for my first Moral tuition today. How kiasu. But, hey, we're Malaysian. My conclusion from this class is you don't need much brains to answer Moral questions!

One great news this morning. I've been shortlisted for the interview for Taylor's Principal's Award scholarship! I guess Taylor's couldn't contact me so, they called Ka Yee instead. Thanks, Ka Yee, for passing on the message. =) The interview's next Sunday so, I'm pretty nervous that it's just around the corner. The next day.. trials.

A wave of panic spread around the school that trials would begin on the 3rd of September. Ms. Chong sent Jo, Fau and I to confirm it with Physics Lim. She went totally berserk and asked us why did we spread this news around. HUH? Blank. We didn't know anything. She didn't even hear our question. We asked when are those 3 papers not whether trials is on the 3rd, which many people did, apparently. But she just exploded and now, there is grey cloud surrounding BK. Is it set by the government or by Mrs. Ting? What about our study plans? How considerate. Our questions went unanswered. Wrong place, wrong time.

Sure, she was stressed about the timetable and all, as CCL reasoned, but that is no reason to embarass two unwitting students in front of their peers. If teachers can't respect us, then how can we respect them in return? HMM. Temperamental women.

Badminton.. after ages. Gotta pick up my racquet. New strings! =)

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