Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Swedish Boyfriend

Recently, there has been an unjustified deduction from my phone credit. From RM 1.16 in the afternoon to nil at 12 midnight. So, I paid a visit to our Digi Man. After checking the log, the Digi Woman said that I've been using GPRS and sending messages overseas. I've not done either both. The country code is 406 - Sweden. We just gawked. Mom asked, "Who are you messaging in Sweden? Got Swedish boyfriend?" HMM. I'm can't reload till this is fixed otherwise that Swede boyfriend will rob me. So, I'm so sorry to those who messaged but didn't receive any reply from me.

National Service, hot topic of the week. I missed it but I want to go. Torture? I see it as challenging and fun. Unhygienic with bad food and high death rate? I think that this is pretty good training as Mano said it builds A.Q. - Adversity Quotient. I don't mind the hygiene conditions and the food, because it's not that bad like in my sis's camp! On the "high" death rate, I quote Mano again. When 100, 000 people die, it's statistics. When 1 person dies, it's a tragedy. As long as you have A.Q., you'll survive. I'm actually thinking of applying but Dad thinks I've gone bonkers. But now, I don't think I will because I can only qualify for 3rd batch. Concerning safety, I'm assured that everything will be fine because I have the One Above in me!

To end on a happier note, the Olympics! I've been chasing badminton matches, mostly repeats. Today, it's the semis. It's Chong Wei (MAS) vs. Hyun-il (KOR) and Chen Jin (CHN) vs. Lin Dan (CHN). I'm really hopeful that Chong Wei will make it to the finals against Lin Dan. My sis and I found this pic of Chong Wei on the Beijing Olympic site. Pretty odd.

Before + After = MAJOR transformation

Chin Hui's in my house now, going nuts singing and chatting with her darling. Save me!!! 5 pm faster come!

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