Monday, August 18, 2008


We returned to Butterworth to take pics with my grandparents with dad in his grad gown. As the Hungry Ghost Festival was just over, many of the celebrations have yet to die down. The giant joss sticks were still up and smoking and so were the triangular flags. We were lucky to catch a Teochew opera by an all-female troupe from Thailand outside the market one night. It was about deciding next year's host for the festival. There was also an altar to the Goddess of Mercy where devotees prayed. They threw two curved halves of wood to decide whether the deity wanted the celebrations next year.

As announced, the theme for this year's Grad Nite is Ice World. UHH. The big buzz that's going on around the fifth formers is "What am I going to wear?" - which is exactly what I am asking. A tour around Sunway Carnival brought no fruits, so, I think I should go to the function in my white PJs. Kidding. =) Anyway, that's not something to be worried about for now. =)

Badminton. TENSE. I missed Chong Wei vs. Hyun-il. In add math, none of us could sit still. I thought I was the only person, other than Weng Hong who was anticipating this match. How wrong was I. The whole MGS group was too! Thanks to modern day tech, we got live updates. I think it was more kan cheong than actually watching it because of the waiting. We all shared the updates by word, little notes and hand signals. In the end, our wira stepped right into the finals against arch nemesis and world No.1 - Lin Dan aka Super Dan. We rushed back from Penang to catch the most anticipated match of the year. Lin Dan, full of confidence, managed to upset Chong Wei 21-12 in the first game. The Chinese' strokes were as confident as he looked and he wrapped up the entire match 21-8 in 19 minutes. While most Malaysians will criticise Lee for a lacklustre performance, I believe he did a great job in reaching such a high level as it wasn't easy at all as some would perceive it to be. After all, he did bring back a silver medal, the first in 12 years. Congrats, Chong Wei!

I'm phone-less for now. Its going for a health check up to diagnose its illness.

I really want to play badminton, but, have no one to play with. SOB.


  1. badminton? when? lol..

    why nobody play wit euu? u too pro izit?

  2. no la.. everyone sure studying ady except lazy me. =)

    u wanna go play??

  3. no ah..i didnt really study this holiday..kinda hard to

    see le..depends on which day ya going la..philip oso wanna go..


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