Wednesday, August 6, 2008

KL in a Nutshell

Friday - Saturday: BK ORAL QUIZ

We reached Menara Wesley and studied. Really?

We woke up before dawn to get to Catholic High. In the wee hours of the morning, I bumped into Stephanie Ngim, Grace, Ai Ling, Wai Kit and Joshua Teng - the Batu Pahat debater. Small world.

The quiz was great, very exciting especially at the oral part. Jessie and I made it to the semi-finals. Top 30 in the country! Only 5 Perak teams made it. In the end, Kevin-Serene got third and Philip-Shao Wen got fifth. For the Perak Ding Lik Hung trophy, Kevin-Serene (1st), Philip-Shao Wen (2nd) and Jason-Sheng (3rd). Jessie and I missed out for 3rd place by 4 points.

Later, Mom and Dad picked me up and I met Melissa in Lakeview Sports Club, Subang. It's been 9 months since I last saw her. We chatted for 2 hours and took pics together. Well, it'll be a long time till we meet again anyway. When I left, she waved at the entrance and I waved form the car until we couldn't see each other.


We went to Renewal Lutheran Church (RLC), a charismatic megachurch unlike the Methodist churches. Ps. Joshua Yee is a very anointed preacher. So direct and clear. We had lunch at Lorong Seratus Tahun Penang Cuisine, then, back to church for Ps. Vernon Falls' anointing service. This man of God is really great. He prophesies and anoints people with olive oil and healing does take place. Mom was slain and she felt warmth coursing through her body. That's a sign of healing. Later, a sore in her mouth immediately disappeared. I prayed mostly for SPM. As I was leaving, I felt a conviction that I'll get 11A1s. Hopefully it'll be true.

Dinner time at Mungo Jerry - a B.K.T. house. I love the pokari - some pork dish.

Monday: DAY OUT!

It was supposed to be shopping day but we ended up in UM to settle Dad's stuff. We went to the bookshop and I managed to find a rare gem - Basic Rock Rhythms for drumming with all the taugehs! Hoho. Jon's gonna have more work to do!

Then, we went to 1 Utama for shopping, but Mom and I really didn't buy anything. Well, she got a bag and I couldn't find any shoes for the convo. So Dad brought us to Ikano, which is adjoined to the Curve and Ikea. There, I got my first pair of girly shoes. LOL. It's 2 inches I think. It's nice but terrible to walk in. Give me sneakers anytime!

I got to see Reuben again. He can sit up on his own but can't crawl yet. But he loves to jump when you hold him up. He cries when he sees strangers.. me. Later, I visited Aunty JB and Alethea. Haven't seen her in years. She's got her curly hair back and is just the same as she was.

Tuesday: CONVO DAY

The varsity grounds was packed with people. We entered the Dewan Tunku Canselor for the convo. I got to see the Regent of Perak - Raja Nazrin who is the pro-chancellor of UM. He presented the scrolls to the grads. If you scrutinise this pic, you'll be able to see him and Dad.


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