Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Ugly Malaysian

When the ugly Malaysian rears its head, you feel like migrating elsewhere. Ipoh International Run 2008. We roused at 5 am and went to the Perak Stadium. The participants were like cattle in a cage in there. The Malay guys were booing the RELA and flashing their middle fingers. One threw a plastic bottle with water into the crowd in front. IDIOT. It could have hit an unsuspecting person. I scolded and glared a deathly glare at some younger Malay guys who were pushing one another. "DON'T PUSH! BEHAVE!" and they stopped. =) There was a stampede where some girls fell and were stepped on. As we were leaving the stadium, there were many shoes strewn on the ground. At the starting line, the Perak MB was there.

BANG! The race began. Some idiotic boys were pushing. This guy kept running into me so I stuck my elbow into his side, hard. Self-defence? I was so annoyed. Split with my sis and ran on my own. By the time I ran 4 km, PHEW! Most of the runners were guys, the girls were either far in front or behind. Pushed on and bumped into Jason, so we ran together towards the end. And wow, as we were reaching, there was this black guy 21 km mind you who was already reaching. WOW. He eventually got 1st place. I managed to reach in 45 minutes and I got the 51st placing. It's 12 places better than last years'. But, sadly, my sis couldn't get a cert.

Got a blister and massive shoulder ache from badminton now. Sitting 90' for 2 hours straight in Steven's is no joke. Anyway, I've finally got my badminton team '08 T-shirt done. It's old news though.

The CF farewell party was simple but nice. They made me so paiseh have to give a speech. ISH. Oh well. The food was not too bad, but I didn't get to try Jean's potato & egg salad and her sandwiches. I'll still be attending CF though as long as it permits me. Thanks, guys, for the farewell!

cert, medal and the stuff

the team T-shirt


  1. congrats

    yea..scold them..haha..but u actually really scolded them ar? so geng wan?

    u're so good in marathon runner of Ipoh..

    the shirt is very nice..i wish i can have u wear on it, u look very pro..rite? haha..psychology attack..

  2. thanks..

    that time really annoyed with the crazy malay boys d so.. poof! scold them.. =)

    aiks.. marathon runner? cannot la.. will KO halfway

    hmm.. look pro bt then play like dunno wat.. lol..

  3. haha..good

    u oso played well


    *it just come out from my head* =]


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