Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sean and I used the town bus to get to ACS for badminton. I was pretty afraid that I would end up in some faraway place but, all's well that end's well. I managed to straighten out some strokes especially baseline lob, cross net and smashes. However, I played against Kenny I think, from Sam Tet and lost badly: 21-5. Then again, he trains so much more than me. Met Weng Hong who was there to pick his bro up, then, because of my sis, we stayed to watch Chun Leong play. I have to admit that he's really good, especially his jumping smashes.

I played for service with Sam, Shao Wen and Daniel. YES. We did Indescribable by Chris Tomlin, my favourite. Check out the lyrics. Beautiful. I managed to play the 6/8 beat well for the first time but I rushed a lot. =)

Today, I took a 10-minute walk to Jusco from my house to meet up with the trio. Somehow, we joined another group - the Indian librarian gang and 3 guys. Hung around and had lunch. By a weird turn of events, we visited Baljinder in Fatimah Hospital. His motor crashed into an oncoming car. I don't really know him, it was Navin who did. He goes for Mano's and they call him Sunny. That's all I know. Broken elbow, injured wrist - surgery required. Both legs with minor injuries. He can stand but can't walk. Hope he gets better.

I went straight to church for the World Banquet. I was a Rwandan. I had only crackers and water while sitting on the floor. The others had good food. It was to teach us about poverty in the world. After that, we had real food.

While the rich dine on rich food...

...the poor sit and eat a meagre meal of crackers and water.

"Thank you, God, for all the food. In Jesus name I pray. Amen."

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