Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sam Tet YCSM Telematch

Sam Tet YCSM Telematch

19 July 2008 @ 0830 hours - 1700 hours

Sam Tet duh

The Participating Schools?
Sam Tet Team I and II, MGS, PGS, AMC & MC

The MGS Team?
Yi Wen, Adelyn, Shiao Wenn, Shi Yun, Grace & Jia Qi

The Theme?
The Falling Earth

The Sequence of Events?
The telematch started late as the other schools were late. It was a small event officiated by the principal of Sam Tet - Mr. Phang. Oddly, there was no praise and worship session or any prayer. It was a mere gathering.

Then, there was the slide presentation by the various schools concerning the environment. By weird coincidence, MGS's intro clashed with Sam Tet I's on Genesis 1. We didn't know that marks would be given on clarity of speech, so no speech was prepared. Oh-uh. So, jump ship. I went in front with no knowledge of what slide was on and started crapping about the Gobi Desert and the drought in Australia. Interestingly, the scary judge - Mrs. Nava kept smiling. There was one silly part on the 3Rs. Too silly to elaborate. =) It went pretty well and I actually spoke impromptu for a total of 14 minutes! Phew. The PGS team lost their pendrive but was soon found much later.

Then, lunch. The fried rice was spoilt, so, I went to complain. However, we had to play the station games first. Alright, games with a rumbling stomach, here we come!

The games were pretty fun. We had to create a cheer. Due to last minute prep, we recycled the "stop, drop and roll" cheer from Autobots, my youth camp group. =)

After cleaning up, we had our late lunch and then back to the hall for the prize-giving ceremony.

MC: The third prize goes to... Sam Tet Team II. The second place goes to... who ah? To Main Convent!
Yi Wen: Ah, we won't win because we only won 5 games out of 9.
Adelyn: Yeah, no chance.
MGS: Yeah.. haha nevermind lah...
Yi Wen: Won't win la, won't win la.
MC: And the first place goes to... me.
All: HUH? Swt.
MC: Ah.. no la. Serious ok? The first place...
MC: ...goes to... MGS!
MGS: *cheers*
Seriously, this is exactly what happened.

Msg for Shiao: TOY!


Our bootie...

On Thursday was the commercial thing. So, this was ours. It's a Date-a-Celebrity Charity Auction. Deviyah was Paris Hilton and I was Harry Potter. Ahh. We started practice only the day before. Fortunately, there were many free periods on the day itself. It went pretty well, no mistakes etc. In fact, through the production of the commercial, I've learnt how to edit music using Audacity. It's quite cool 'cause you can see the sound waves and all.

I've got to study!

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