Thursday, July 3, 2008


Report Card Day was pretty uninteresting and it started off only after recess. During PJ, we had to finish up the very lame SEGAK programme. One PJ teacher from another class told Chin Hui and Jo not to talk to me while I was doing the step-ups. But, they did and suddenly she threatened to fail the fitness test and said that she gave me 3 warnings already. HUH? Since when? She only warned the other two. SWT.

Prefects' duty was to last till 1.30 pm and we weren't allowed to go home early, but Dad's outstation so, Mom went to see the Big Boss who gave a green light reluctantly. Oh well. We had to escort parents to their children's classrooms and I think that there was excessive man-power. Mrs. Lee made it seem like we have adequate manpower and I would be a bad image as a committee member. On the matter of my own report card, my results are nothing to be desired. Teacher's comments were that I dream in class (?!) and I'm too committed to co-curriculum.

For the past week, we've been filling up our sijil berhenti and at first it was of no significance to me. But, when Pn. Lin said, "Wow, so fast filling it up?", then I realised that I have only 5 months more of my schooling life. Tomorrow's also the CF farewell party. Although, I was pretty tensed up about the whole CF thing in the past, I guess I'm still going to miss it a lot.

Went badminton-ing with my sis to prep her up for the close today. Sadly, she lost her singles but won her mixed. With IIR coming, I'm not really sure how I'll fare. My jogging plan was ruined when it rained today. Aiks.

Hmm.. just a musing. What's with the foster thing in school nowadays? I'm not a big fan about this fad and certainly, I don't want to get myself jumbled up in this sort of close relationship that will either a) bring you closer or b) break you apart. I've got lots to say about this but, since many people asked me about it, in a nutshell, I'm not "fostering" anyone because I'm just not interested anyway.

Alright. Siesta time now. ZZZ

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