Monday, July 14, 2008

Observations, Observations

On a crazy thought, we got a late birthday gift for Daniel.

It's a cook book - Fun with Chicken. FYI, "Chicken" is Daniel's nick. He was pleasantly surprise and might actually consider cooking a chicken dish for us. ^^

On Friday, mom and I sent two messages to The Star's SMS section, where the public voice out their opinions. It came out on Saturday about public transportation in Ipoh and the cleanliness of my housing area.

Commuting using the public bus more often recently has made me seen more of Ipoh - the people, the public services, the town. Let's start from the beginning: the bus stop. Dirty, vandalised and covered in Ah Long ads. Bus schedule? Absent.

Now, the bus. Some of the buses, mainly from the Ipoh Omnibus Company, are in a deplorable state. Some discharge tonnes of toxic fumes, covering itself with a permanent layer of dust and posing a hazard to other motorists. Judging from the number plates, some are more than 10 years old. The question: are they still road worthy?

The cleanliness of the bus interior is nothing proud to be spoken of. Malaysians are litter bugs.

The conductor is dressed normally, no distinguishment between her and the commuters except that she holds the tickets. The bus driver drives wrecklessly. He also multi-tasks - arranging his stuff on the dashboard while driving. He reminds me to pray while in the bus.

Conclusion: Bring on Rapid Ipoh!

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