Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day Out

Today was pretty different. I went to the BB meeting to help my sis in the games. When we reached, the Division 1 were already doing their fall-in. Fortunately, Beh and other ex-MGSians were there So, we waited and then, praise and worship. Later, for the primers, we played the "Sarong Game" and Dog & Bone. I didn't exactly play, just helped, but, it was still fun and I laughed a lot. Rejoined the bigger group who were having a farewell party for the fifth formers. We played some games. I was the group inside and Beh and I were a bit blur about the rules and all. Once it was over, we headed to McD for fries and ice-cream. =)

Badminton.. I was being a NOOB again today. Ah, although I'm a banana partially, I still can make it out that the other girls don't want to partner me for doubles because I'm not as good a player. She said it out loud in Chinese and duh, I und. The guys whom I sparred with particularly this kiddo won't play properly with me. When they're supposed to attack, they won't smash. I know I'm not good but give me a chance to play a good game and brush up on my defence and all. Ahh..

After experiencing a dull toothache, Dad thought that I should visit the dentist to fix my protruding jaw. Hmm.. there are such things as jaw braces; they're external but they're only worn when you are around 12 to 13 year old. At this age, it's surgery. I hope that I'll be able to fix it without surgery. Surgery.. they'll break your jaw, push it in and wait for the bone to heal. Ouch. I really hope that the trip to the dentist's will be productive.

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