Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Battery Recharge

1, 2.. Revision begins!

With the trial papers, I'm getting into gear now. There are so many and I'm sure they'll help tremendously. Thanks, Weng Hong!

Last Wednesday, I got "captured" by the cheerleading captain, llama Sabrina (sorry, Sab, I couldn't resist), to do the craziest thing. After PJ, Kay Lynn and I headed to watch them rehearse. Then, Sab had the idea of making me a flyer. A flyer is the person you lift up and toss into the air. Crazy? I tried to escape, but she was dead on doing so despite me saying I'm taller than the bases. So, oh well, I'm Form 5 right? Okay, the first jump was to gain momentum and the second to lift. 1st try: FAILURE. I didn't stiffen my body enough. 2nd try: partial success. I was up but I couldn't straighten because it felt so unstable. Trying to gain proper footing, my legs were shaking. Then, touch down. Clara recorded it so I'll post the silly video up later. XD

We had a surprise birthday party for Daniel and yes, he was surprised. It's been ages since I've been over to his place. I remember going over almost every weekend to play Dilbert, water and candles when we were kids. I got to see Kakak after a very long time and she still remembers me! =) His birthday's only tomorrow, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIEL!

The Inter-class Commercial Competition by LIDDSOC has been postponed again which is good for us so that we don't have to rush.

Mom and I went to Jusco today. As we were leaving, the car engine couldn't start up and suddenly, the alarm rang. One call to Uncle Albert, and our battery was replaced. While waiting, we got McD to eat as it was pretty late. Watching the guy fix the battery, I've learned a bit on how to do it. It's pretty cool and simple. But the battery's really heavy.

Badminton's tomorrow, but I don't expect to play much. Anyway, my body hurts from IIR. Sigh, this is my last meeting. After this, farewell. Then Rangers. Then prefects.

Dad's going to graduate with his Masters from UM in August! We'll all be heading to KL which means I'll be missing school for 2 to 3 days. I'll have to be there for the Annual BK Quiz, so, it's killing two birds with one stone. I really hope to get the scholarship to study in Methodist College. Maybe there, I'll do AUSMAT. So, that means, study and lots of prayer.

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