Thursday, July 24, 2008

A SUPER Long Tag

Tagged by Weng Hong

Starting time: 11:11 pm
Name: Yi Wen
Sisters: 1
Brothers: 1
Shoe size: 7/8
Height: 167 cm - 168 cm

Swam in the ocean: yup
Fallen asleep in school: of course :)
Broken someone's heart: I guess so
Fell off your chair: I was pushed off XD
Sat by the phone waiting for someone to call: urgent stuff only

What's your room like: a cool wooden loft. mezzanine floor.
What's beside you: Dad and the wall
What's the last thing you ate: Super Supreme pizza

Ever had..
Chicken pox: yup
Sore throat: yup
Stiches: nope
Broken nose: nope

Do you..
Believe in love at first sight? depends
Like picnics? yup.. except for the clearing up part

Who was, were the last person you danced with? Chin Hui. Some lame play-a-fool ballroom dance.
Last made you smile: my family during chow time
You last yelled at: hmm.. can't remember

Today did you..
Talk to someone you love? you bet
Kissed anyone? NO.
Get sick? In the stomach
Talk to an ex? No, ex-es
Miss someone? Yes
Eat? Of course

Best feeling in the world: uhh...?
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Donkey
What's under your bed? The linoleum and the wooden floor
Who do you hate? No hate, dislike
What time is it now? 11:27 pm

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
- going to afternoon school
- playing with my sis every weekend
- attending KIDS school
- having dinner at grandma's
- watching Saturday morning cartoons

5 things on my to-do list today:
- write letters to the teachers
- study BK
- fill up scholarship forms
- list my co-curriculum activities
- photostat my certs

5 snacks I enjoy:
- french fries
- ice-cream
- chocolates
- chips
- cookies

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
- give 10% to God and some to charity
- invest
- trave
- get a nice home (family included! XD) and a car
- shop

5 of my bad habits:
- sleeping excessively
- short attention span
- going online too often
- thinking too much and at times not enough
- indisciplined

5 places I have lived in:
- my home
- grandma's
- for various reasons - church, hotel etc etc

5 people I tag:
- jean-li
- kayee
- may jet
- sab (again)
- sam


Okay, haven't blogged for awhile due to the busyness from filling in applications - matriculation and Taylor's Principal's Award Scholarship. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do and whether I can get it, especially Taylor's as I'm below the academic requirements. So, I'm just hanging on to prayer and my co-curriculum achievements. Lots of things happened in the past week but no time! I'm off for now. Got to study for BK quiz!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I just saw this drum set on the net.

It belongs to a reknown American drummer - Terry Bozzio. His current drum setup consists of 62 separate parts. WOW. Our church drum has only 9 separate parts. Again, WOW. Give me this set and I won't even know what to do with it.

Sam Tet YCSM Telematch

Sam Tet YCSM Telematch

19 July 2008 @ 0830 hours - 1700 hours

Sam Tet duh

The Participating Schools?
Sam Tet Team I and II, MGS, PGS, AMC & MC

The MGS Team?
Yi Wen, Adelyn, Shiao Wenn, Shi Yun, Grace & Jia Qi

The Theme?
The Falling Earth

The Sequence of Events?
The telematch started late as the other schools were late. It was a small event officiated by the principal of Sam Tet - Mr. Phang. Oddly, there was no praise and worship session or any prayer. It was a mere gathering.

Then, there was the slide presentation by the various schools concerning the environment. By weird coincidence, MGS's intro clashed with Sam Tet I's on Genesis 1. We didn't know that marks would be given on clarity of speech, so no speech was prepared. Oh-uh. So, jump ship. I went in front with no knowledge of what slide was on and started crapping about the Gobi Desert and the drought in Australia. Interestingly, the scary judge - Mrs. Nava kept smiling. There was one silly part on the 3Rs. Too silly to elaborate. =) It went pretty well and I actually spoke impromptu for a total of 14 minutes! Phew. The PGS team lost their pendrive but was soon found much later.

Then, lunch. The fried rice was spoilt, so, I went to complain. However, we had to play the station games first. Alright, games with a rumbling stomach, here we come!

The games were pretty fun. We had to create a cheer. Due to last minute prep, we recycled the "stop, drop and roll" cheer from Autobots, my youth camp group. =)

After cleaning up, we had our late lunch and then back to the hall for the prize-giving ceremony.

MC: The third prize goes to... Sam Tet Team II. The second place goes to... who ah? To Main Convent!
Yi Wen: Ah, we won't win because we only won 5 games out of 9.
Adelyn: Yeah, no chance.
MGS: Yeah.. haha nevermind lah...
Yi Wen: Won't win la, won't win la.
MC: And the first place goes to... me.
All: HUH? Swt.
MC: Ah.. no la. Serious ok? The first place...
MC: ...goes to... MGS!
MGS: *cheers*
Seriously, this is exactly what happened.

Msg for Shiao: TOY!


Our bootie...

On Thursday was the commercial thing. So, this was ours. It's a Date-a-Celebrity Charity Auction. Deviyah was Paris Hilton and I was Harry Potter. Ahh. We started practice only the day before. Fortunately, there were many free periods on the day itself. It went pretty well, no mistakes etc. In fact, through the production of the commercial, I've learnt how to edit music using Audacity. It's quite cool 'cause you can see the sound waves and all.

I've got to study!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Observations, Observations

On a crazy thought, we got a late birthday gift for Daniel.

It's a cook book - Fun with Chicken. FYI, "Chicken" is Daniel's nick. He was pleasantly surprise and might actually consider cooking a chicken dish for us. ^^

On Friday, mom and I sent two messages to The Star's SMS section, where the public voice out their opinions. It came out on Saturday about public transportation in Ipoh and the cleanliness of my housing area.

Commuting using the public bus more often recently has made me seen more of Ipoh - the people, the public services, the town. Let's start from the beginning: the bus stop. Dirty, vandalised and covered in Ah Long ads. Bus schedule? Absent.

Now, the bus. Some of the buses, mainly from the Ipoh Omnibus Company, are in a deplorable state. Some discharge tonnes of toxic fumes, covering itself with a permanent layer of dust and posing a hazard to other motorists. Judging from the number plates, some are more than 10 years old. The question: are they still road worthy?

The cleanliness of the bus interior is nothing proud to be spoken of. Malaysians are litter bugs.

The conductor is dressed normally, no distinguishment between her and the commuters except that she holds the tickets. The bus driver drives wrecklessly. He also multi-tasks - arranging his stuff on the dashboard while driving. He reminds me to pray while in the bus.

Conclusion: Bring on Rapid Ipoh!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sean and I used the town bus to get to ACS for badminton. I was pretty afraid that I would end up in some faraway place but, all's well that end's well. I managed to straighten out some strokes especially baseline lob, cross net and smashes. However, I played against Kenny I think, from Sam Tet and lost badly: 21-5. Then again, he trains so much more than me. Met Weng Hong who was there to pick his bro up, then, because of my sis, we stayed to watch Chun Leong play. I have to admit that he's really good, especially his jumping smashes.

I played for service with Sam, Shao Wen and Daniel. YES. We did Indescribable by Chris Tomlin, my favourite. Check out the lyrics. Beautiful. I managed to play the 6/8 beat well for the first time but I rushed a lot. =)

Today, I took a 10-minute walk to Jusco from my house to meet up with the trio. Somehow, we joined another group - the Indian librarian gang and 3 guys. Hung around and had lunch. By a weird turn of events, we visited Baljinder in Fatimah Hospital. His motor crashed into an oncoming car. I don't really know him, it was Navin who did. He goes for Mano's and they call him Sunny. That's all I know. Broken elbow, injured wrist - surgery required. Both legs with minor injuries. He can stand but can't walk. Hope he gets better.

I went straight to church for the World Banquet. I was a Rwandan. I had only crackers and water while sitting on the floor. The others had good food. It was to teach us about poverty in the world. After that, we had real food.

While the rich dine on rich food...

...the poor sit and eat a meagre meal of crackers and water.

"Thank you, God, for all the food. In Jesus name I pray. Amen."


What do you say to comfort someone who experiences violence daily in their family? Honestly, I just don't know. My family.. it's great. But reality check, not many others have parents and siblings like mine. They also don't have God in their lives. What would you do?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Battery Recharge

1, 2.. Revision begins!

With the trial papers, I'm getting into gear now. There are so many and I'm sure they'll help tremendously. Thanks, Weng Hong!

Last Wednesday, I got "captured" by the cheerleading captain, llama Sabrina (sorry, Sab, I couldn't resist), to do the craziest thing. After PJ, Kay Lynn and I headed to watch them rehearse. Then, Sab had the idea of making me a flyer. A flyer is the person you lift up and toss into the air. Crazy? I tried to escape, but she was dead on doing so despite me saying I'm taller than the bases. So, oh well, I'm Form 5 right? Okay, the first jump was to gain momentum and the second to lift. 1st try: FAILURE. I didn't stiffen my body enough. 2nd try: partial success. I was up but I couldn't straighten because it felt so unstable. Trying to gain proper footing, my legs were shaking. Then, touch down. Clara recorded it so I'll post the silly video up later. XD

We had a surprise birthday party for Daniel and yes, he was surprised. It's been ages since I've been over to his place. I remember going over almost every weekend to play Dilbert, water and candles when we were kids. I got to see Kakak after a very long time and she still remembers me! =) His birthday's only tomorrow, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIEL!

The Inter-class Commercial Competition by LIDDSOC has been postponed again which is good for us so that we don't have to rush.

Mom and I went to Jusco today. As we were leaving, the car engine couldn't start up and suddenly, the alarm rang. One call to Uncle Albert, and our battery was replaced. While waiting, we got McD to eat as it was pretty late. Watching the guy fix the battery, I've learned a bit on how to do it. It's pretty cool and simple. But the battery's really heavy.

Badminton's tomorrow, but I don't expect to play much. Anyway, my body hurts from IIR. Sigh, this is my last meeting. After this, farewell. Then Rangers. Then prefects.

Dad's going to graduate with his Masters from UM in August! We'll all be heading to KL which means I'll be missing school for 2 to 3 days. I'll have to be there for the Annual BK Quiz, so, it's killing two birds with one stone. I really hope to get the scholarship to study in Methodist College. Maybe there, I'll do AUSMAT. So, that means, study and lots of prayer.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Ugly Malaysian

When the ugly Malaysian rears its head, you feel like migrating elsewhere. Ipoh International Run 2008. We roused at 5 am and went to the Perak Stadium. The participants were like cattle in a cage in there. The Malay guys were booing the RELA and flashing their middle fingers. One threw a plastic bottle with water into the crowd in front. IDIOT. It could have hit an unsuspecting person. I scolded and glared a deathly glare at some younger Malay guys who were pushing one another. "DON'T PUSH! BEHAVE!" and they stopped. =) There was a stampede where some girls fell and were stepped on. As we were leaving the stadium, there were many shoes strewn on the ground. At the starting line, the Perak MB was there.

BANG! The race began. Some idiotic boys were pushing. This guy kept running into me so I stuck my elbow into his side, hard. Self-defence? I was so annoyed. Split with my sis and ran on my own. By the time I ran 4 km, PHEW! Most of the runners were guys, the girls were either far in front or behind. Pushed on and bumped into Jason, so we ran together towards the end. And wow, as we were reaching, there was this black guy 21 km mind you who was already reaching. WOW. He eventually got 1st place. I managed to reach in 45 minutes and I got the 51st placing. It's 12 places better than last years'. But, sadly, my sis couldn't get a cert.

Got a blister and massive shoulder ache from badminton now. Sitting 90' for 2 hours straight in Steven's is no joke. Anyway, I've finally got my badminton team '08 T-shirt done. It's old news though.

The CF farewell party was simple but nice. They made me so paiseh have to give a speech. ISH. Oh well. The food was not too bad, but I didn't get to try Jean's potato & egg salad and her sandwiches. I'll still be attending CF though as long as it permits me. Thanks, guys, for the farewell!

cert, medal and the stuff

the team T-shirt

Day Out

Today was pretty different. I went to the BB meeting to help my sis in the games. When we reached, the Division 1 were already doing their fall-in. Fortunately, Beh and other ex-MGSians were there So, we waited and then, praise and worship. Later, for the primers, we played the "Sarong Game" and Dog & Bone. I didn't exactly play, just helped, but, it was still fun and I laughed a lot. Rejoined the bigger group who were having a farewell party for the fifth formers. We played some games. I was the group inside and Beh and I were a bit blur about the rules and all. Once it was over, we headed to McD for fries and ice-cream. =)

Badminton.. I was being a NOOB again today. Ah, although I'm a banana partially, I still can make it out that the other girls don't want to partner me for doubles because I'm not as good a player. She said it out loud in Chinese and duh, I und. The guys whom I sparred with particularly this kiddo won't play properly with me. When they're supposed to attack, they won't smash. I know I'm not good but give me a chance to play a good game and brush up on my defence and all. Ahh..

After experiencing a dull toothache, Dad thought that I should visit the dentist to fix my protruding jaw. Hmm.. there are such things as jaw braces; they're external but they're only worn when you are around 12 to 13 year old. At this age, it's surgery. I hope that I'll be able to fix it without surgery. Surgery.. they'll break your jaw, push it in and wait for the bone to heal. Ouch. I really hope that the trip to the dentist's will be productive.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Report Card Day was pretty uninteresting and it started off only after recess. During PJ, we had to finish up the very lame SEGAK programme. One PJ teacher from another class told Chin Hui and Jo not to talk to me while I was doing the step-ups. But, they did and suddenly she threatened to fail the fitness test and said that she gave me 3 warnings already. HUH? Since when? She only warned the other two. SWT.

Prefects' duty was to last till 1.30 pm and we weren't allowed to go home early, but Dad's outstation so, Mom went to see the Big Boss who gave a green light reluctantly. Oh well. We had to escort parents to their children's classrooms and I think that there was excessive man-power. Mrs. Lee made it seem like we have adequate manpower and I would be a bad image as a committee member. On the matter of my own report card, my results are nothing to be desired. Teacher's comments were that I dream in class (?!) and I'm too committed to co-curriculum.

For the past week, we've been filling up our sijil berhenti and at first it was of no significance to me. But, when Pn. Lin said, "Wow, so fast filling it up?", then I realised that I have only 5 months more of my schooling life. Tomorrow's also the CF farewell party. Although, I was pretty tensed up about the whole CF thing in the past, I guess I'm still going to miss it a lot.

Went badminton-ing with my sis to prep her up for the close today. Sadly, she lost her singles but won her mixed. With IIR coming, I'm not really sure how I'll fare. My jogging plan was ruined when it rained today. Aiks.

Hmm.. just a musing. What's with the foster thing in school nowadays? I'm not a big fan about this fad and certainly, I don't want to get myself jumbled up in this sort of close relationship that will either a) bring you closer or b) break you apart. I've got lots to say about this but, since many people asked me about it, in a nutshell, I'm not "fostering" anyone because I'm just not interested anyway.

Alright. Siesta time now. ZZZ
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