Monday, June 9, 2008



when philip asked when's BK exam, i said, "GOT MEH?" and then i just remembered that BK exam is this thursday! no wonder i felt that i had something important to do during holidays.. how am i going to swallow 36 chapters in 3 nights?? maybe i should concentrate on acts and scan through luke. i'm really in hot oil now. =( serene and shao wen insist that they haven't studied but i bet thay ace it. it's always like that.

the MGS debate team will be heading to ACS tomorrow for the district level wira cup debate. the team of 5 will be battling against RPS. hopefully, they'll get through which i am almost positive. however, i am unable to witness this debate as mrs. lee did not grant permission for supporters to go, only for the finals the next day. that's pretty sad and intimidating for the debaters too. i really wish i could go, just to watch. after all, i have no more debates in line anymore. the second topic is pretty interesting about censoring materials on the world wide web. after discussing the topic with krishan on the phone earlier, i couldn't even take my nap because my mind was completely on the topic! how i wish that was our topic for HELP. i really hope they'll make it to the finals.

we've been working on the NiE C4R competition. our group is:

that's a physics thing. a temperature so low that there's no resistance.

and these are our products:


nice, no? phui yan and i worked our heads out doing these stuff and especially getting them printed. the printers were so unprofessional. they took 1 whole hour to print 6 A3 pages! dad had to wait for me for ages. sorry.. mind you, in the midst of their unprofessionalism, they wanted to charge us RM12 extra for so-called designing and editting, when all the guy did was try to fix the ratio of the poster to fit the ratio of 2 A3s. broad daylight robbery. we argued and 12 bucks no more. =D

oh yeah... sorry to shuqi for forgetting your birthday and kay lynn too. i was away in penang. so, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

i'm really sorry that i couldn't help you, because i'm in the same position as you.

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