Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TV Show turned Real Life

i can honestly tell you that today was one really bad day.

i've always wondered whether mean girls like those in teen TV shows really exist. today, i felt like i was caught in one of the shows. well, i wasn't the mean girl. the victim? perhaps. the reasons?

1. if you don't like me, fine. but don't drag my true friends who love and accept me for who i am into the dirt with me. you can do that to me, but not to them as all they did was just take my stand.

2. don't butter and sugar me up with words of affections when all the time you probably call me an ass behind my back. just tell me straight, "you are an ass". calling me "darling" is 10 times worse than calling me the worst profanity.

3. yes, surely it is not for me to judge. but can we still call ourselves Christians after how you badly treat your brothers and sisters in Christ? how can we lead by example when our attitude is so bad? how can we close our eyes and raise our hands to God during worship when are hearts are full of spite? if i did such things, i wouldn't even dare look up to God.

4. anger itself is fine by me. somehow, you have to share it with friends. but does that mean you should go around tale-tattling to almost everyone you know? you might have as well made a public announcement on the 8 o'clock news.

5. people are not for you to take advantage of. the paper cup theory? use, crush and discard. they are not pawns in a chess game and neither are you the game master.

6. people are not stupid. we have eyes that see, ears that listen and minds that decipher. first, you show your anger. if that's not enough, you speak badly about them, obvious enough for them to see. then, you tell them, "oh sorry, i had a rough day." psst. yeah, right. i had a rough week with you.

you know the chinese idiom "two-headed snake"? yup, that's it.

to add oil to the fire, i received news that the oxford and cambridge english event has not been approved by the perak education department. hence, the whole team from our school is not going. at first i was a bit reluctant to go. i had to give up the national math olympiad for this. of course, i was quite happy when i found out that the 3 of us were selected specifically by the english panel. although my writing skill isn't the best, but it was nice to be given a shot at participating in a national level competition. i will continue to pray!

it was announced also that the class t-shirt is a whopping b****y RM 60. is there anyone in sane mind who would buy it? no offence but most of us are from middle class families, some lower middle class too. it's just a t-shirt anyway. although i don't wear dresses, i'd rather buy a dress for RM 60 than buy the t-shirt because it is more worth it.

it's really hot these past few days and although rain is threatening to fall now, it does not seem to. rain, please!

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  1. wow..the class shirt can break record for the most ex class shirt in history? Just wondering...y the class didn't bantah? The price is exorbitant man..can buy a branded shirt with come change.
    And also, the best thing for you now is just be strong and be your happy self again. Remember, you are not alone and God has given u amazing frens to back you up. Don't show that she's winning cz people like that won't.


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