Tuesday, June 10, 2008



MGS won the first round of wira against RPS. so, myself and the rest of the debaters will be heading to ACS tomorrow. we're pitted against the hosts after getting a bye in the semis. not bad.

about mid-term, there's no need to blog about it. sigh.. the only paper that i really liked was EST essay paper. math was okay but i'm not too proud of it. i managed to scrape through the science subjects, moral and add math. but well, like dad said, "aim for the big thing - SPM". so, i'm aiming not only for SPM but also trials. might be joining subra's intensive moral course but according to LCTan, we need to set up our own group. aiks.. anyone interested?

i managed to design the front portion of the class t-shirt. the turnout?

it's still a bit messed up because i've got no time to edit it pixel by pixel. i'm such a noob so i only use paint and microsoft word. simplicity. i find it tedious but not so confusing. doesn't matter what programme i use, it's the product we want. =)

you needed help but you didn't ask me although you knew i knew. instead, you asked someone else for my work. you really dislike me, don't you?

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