Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweat, Blisters, Aches, Fun @ STARWALK

last night, i skipped service. ended up sleeping pretty early.

today was STARWALK. before that, i wasn't really looking forward to it. don't know why. the stadium was filled with thousands of people. at the starting line, everyone was sandwiched. claustrophobia took over and i couldn't breathe. i hate crowds. i walked with glenna, krishan and venisri. tried to walk as fast as i could although i wasn't in the competition. we started quite far behind. kiasu. managed to reach in time for the certificate. my lucky draw number was 2161. that means i'm the 2161th to reach the finish line?

karjie and i then went for brunch with 4 others - weng hong, steven, sum and wayne. ate the yummy claypot yee mee, but we had to wait for ages. it had better be good.. the verdict? yum.. it was good.

now, i'm back here. should i go for youth? i'm so sleepy. ah, see how it'll be. if i can awake from my afternoon slumber...


  1. haha..actually i saw u at the heritage hotel part..den i dont see u lucky draw number is 0785..hehe..but when i came, they announced 40s u go for the shortcut?

    shud have scold the

  2. i saw u guys too. if m nt mistaken sum n steven saw me oso. wow.. 40s left? we had 5 mins. some boy scout bluffed us saying the shortcut is for non-competition.. so we followed la. din noe. supposedly surrender wor..

    haha yea.. =)

  3. oh..the fella donkey la..luckily i met wit my school teacher and he asked us to take the challenge and walk the full course..haha..

  4. lucky for u. i felt bad that we didnt take the full course bt got the cert in the end.. bt cant say it's our fault rite?

  5. nah..not ur fault management is just too


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