Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paper Cup

many would have already known the result of wira finals. but, i'll still pen down my point of view as part of the support team. yes, ACS won. again. the last debate of the year and MGS lost. for the 3 speakers, it was the last debate in their schooling year as all of them are form 5. so, it was understandable that they were devastated. after all, they sacrificed their mid-term and holidays and they worked throughout the night before the debate. and yet, they lost. it was a wonderful performance this year. it was the highest achievement MGS has had in many years. so, congrats on a job well done. yeah.. we're all pretty upset but what can we do? probably we'll meet again in some inter-university debate but in opposing teams. or will we ever be able to work as a team again?

because there were only two MGS supporters present navin and i, many MGS-ians did not witness how our debaters did. these people who know nothing about debate just criticised us for performing badly. someone even said our debaters were just like people selling things in pasar malam. they should just go in front and we'll see how they fare. debate takes brains, wit and skill. you can't do it, shut up and don't criticise.

rewiring was done in my house yesterday, causing the house to be in a big mess. after mano, it still wasn't done and they switched of the main. so, no electricity and i didn't get to study BK. i just went in almost unprepared but i think i may be able to scrape through to get a pass.

exam results? they were very discouraging and i really don't know how i will fare in the real thing. sigh. i dropped so much especially in history. really tough.

i was one of the lucky or unlucky? trio chosen by the english panel to represent the school in the sunway university college writing competition next saturday. however it clashes with the math olympiad. but i chose the writing over the math as my math is nothing to be very proud of. hopefully i'll ace it.

in the end, she didn't accept that t-shirt design. whattheheck. i sacrifice BK-studying time for it. i'm pissed, yes.

you're really a hypocrite. you despise me yet you pretend as though you are my best friend - hugging me, being so friendly, asking for favours. behind, you go on ranting about my bad attitudes, why you don't like me to just about anyone. you blamed me for something that was your fault entirely. i found out about something you said and you don't know that i do. it makes me so disgusted to know that you are being all so friendly around me yet you are just stabbing me silently in the back. people around you are not paper cups where you use, crush and dispose. take heed.


  1. wa..who is the fella that criticise dat? i'm always impressed wit the debaters becoz they can just talk without er..and er.. u actually went and sit for the BK exam? geng..

    oO..u're going for the sunway..too bad..we're going MAnjung..if not, we would have follow the participant to sunway like wad we did last year..

    u're doing ur class t-shirt? who banned it?

  2. hey yi wen, i really like your t-shirt design =). most of us weren't prepared for the exam also. nvm, we'll study harder for trials! i'm sure you'll do well. take care!

  3. serene..

    ah.. bk exam. i'm so sure u will do well as always.. =)

  4. wenghong..
    some ex-mgs girl n i think acs-ian currently..

    sitting for exam can la.. score well is another thing. =)

    going to manjung? for wat? is it the founder's day thing?

    class t-shirt.. just the front portion. somebody lah..


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