Friday, June 20, 2008

Idiots and Asses

i changed my mind. this was the worst week ever.

i'm so sure now she's purposely trying to shoot us down. it's so obvious and only idiots will not be able to see it. i want to shoot her down right now. after tuition, i went with mom to jusco and i just went talking to her. i guess i've never been closer to her than now. i'm just so pissed this whole week.

next on, the oxford and cambridge english event. clara and i were game but not the 5S1 trio. so, what the heck. we gave it a shot and went around dealing with helena and lee. finally, lee said okay but you have to go on your own - parents and all. but clara's dad wouldn't allow, so, it's down to me. dad said no, he's tired. i'm mad to the max. not at dad, but the whole thing. hello, it's oxford and cambridge. you don't get it everyday. it's national level and we have a chance of winning. it would also be a merit point to getting a scholarship. unlike some people who can afford to further their studies in expensive KL colleges, i can't. i hate the administration of everything. is it not enough? there has been so many ruined things for me this year. first was the 800m race because of mr cheang, then all the trouble with the HELP debate, and now this. i hate everything! go die to all the two-headed snakes in this world.

i'm so angry. i will not cry because of her. that just shows that i am weak. i am strong, stronger than she ever knows. she won't be able to break my spirit and i. she wants to act like an ass, go on. in the end, everyone will thumb their noses at her in disgust, because i know that i am right. that's for her.

for lee, i'll prove to her that it was the biggest mistake of not sending us to KL for the competition. she's going to regret it. i'm going to write quality essays for postal competitions and i'm going to win. and the prize money? the school's not going to get any of it. go die, MGS. you're turning into a military school. congrats.

all this shit is giving me so much stress. CF, what happened? a sudden power surge in the trinity hall caused the SONG LCD to go 'pop' and smoke came out of it. is God trying to put me to a test? i really don't know. probably, the only good thing that has happened is that imanaged to reap a highly commended for my BK postal quiz. fullstop.

i really hate all this. even as i write this, i'm crying. not because of her, but ecause of how things turned out. i'm really fed up. i just can't wait for school to end forever. God, if You are listening to this please do something. i'm at my wits end.


  1. babe, hang on there
    everything happens for a reason
    heres smthing 4 u
    romans 5 :3-4
    Troubles produce patience which produces character and character leads to hope =)

    You go babe! =)

  2. sorry for being one of the '5S1 trio' that didn't really want to go to the sunway thing. Writing is not really my thing and i needed to be in KL to pick up my it was really gonna complicate the whole thing. So sorry to spoil it for you, i know how much you really wanted to go. I'm sure there'll be lots of opportunities next time.


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