Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot, hot Night

one thing i remember from starwalk is that people were running and jogging. it's called starwalk for a reason. so inconsiderate. we purposely talked loudly about people being silly by running and sometimes it worked. the deejay said, "as time is running out, walkers are becoming runners, runners are becoming sprinters and sprinters just go flying.. ahh..." they should penalise all those cheaters.

it was a hot, hot day today and mrs. lee talked about conserving electricity since the tariffs are going up on july 1st. the whole day, i was just sweating it out. to make matters worse, electricity at our block was cut of at about noon and our class is placed strategically so that no wind can blow through. phew. so, we had english class outside under the big rain tree. we didn't study anything. we just played chinese whispers and charades. then we hung around the corridor during reading period as no teacher was in class.

it's 1:30 am now and i'm planning to study. EURO 2008? if i'm not mistaken, it's austria vs. germany and croatia vs. poland tonight. chong wei has won the singapore open after beating simon santoso from indonesia flat. good for him. he seems to be in top form currently. i also would like to play in one more badminton tournament before my schooling term ends. but is there any?

there are so many things i'd like to do after SPM, namely:

-volunteer at general hospital whose name has just been changed to hospital raja permaisuri bainun
-cook lunch everyday so we don't have to cater
-gardening outside my house i've picked up this odd liking to gardening since i've come to MGS
-get a really tough work-cum-learning job to toughen up and gain experience and knowledge
-go on holiday with my friends
-help dad at the church kindergarten they're short on workers i think
-play badminton everyday XD

oxford and cambridge english language event at sunway university college. how am i going to fare? hopefully well. i've started reading up on my debate research notes to brush up on my general knowledge but i don't think that's enough. i guess i'll be leafing through the dictionary to pick up some useable words too. but no matter what, nobody can compare to fellow comrade ee xin who is like a walking encyclopedia and i'm sure she'll ace this thing! there's not much info about this thing yet. all i know is we have to meet in school at the ungodly hour of 4 am and reach ipoh at 10 pm. what a turnoff. pssht.

alright. that's enough. got to hit the books!

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