Saturday, June 7, 2008

History & Technology

it's been quite some time. a lot of things have happened this hols. the taiping trip was blissfully fun. taiping is a sleepy town, a pale comparison to its days of glory during the tin mining era. being the wettest town in the country, it rained every afternoon. it's really beautiful though, rivers and lots of greens. historical sites and pre-war buildings dot the town. i love it. but i wouldn't want to stay there as the weather is really dreary.

isn't this absolutely scenic?

through this trip, i've also discovered that i enjoy tennis too. i also got the chance to take a dip in a pool after ages! after this outing, the four of us really grew closer to one another.

not long after that, i bounded off with my family to dad's hometown butterworth. before that, we had a scrumptious seafood meal at the tepi laut restaurant in kuala sepetang. i went there while i was in taiping. the restaurant is actually above a little dock for fishing boats just by the river, overlooking a massive chinese-domineered fishing village.

we also visited ngah ibrahim's fort which i had visited previously too. captain speedy's house is right next to it but it's in a rather bad shape so it's off limits. we also went to the island. there, at penang road, they had uncovered the tram car tracks in the middle of the road. that's a huge chunk of history! tram cars were a major mode of transportation those days. we made it to one of the many beaches along feringghi.

what else?

i think God whispered into my uncle's ears one night. he came back to ipoh this weekend with something for me. a coveted handphone! it was better than i had ever expected. it's a sony ericsson w380i. the features? it's a walkman phone, has a camera.. i haven't fully explored it yet. i'm no techno genius by the way. although i'm not exactly a fan of purple, this phone's an exception. he even got me a digi number! wow. i certainly believe that God works in the least expected ways. apparently, this model is from sweden. that's cool but i don't know whether it's available in malaysia. nevertheless, i'm a lucky pig. i'm blessed.

gorgeous, no?


  1. wau..ur phone is more high-tech than

  2. high-tech.. bt i still dunno how to use a lot of functions.. O.o

  3. haha..try out thing oso try out..haha..but dont until u spoil the edition..haha..

  4. haha.. yaya. spoilt then very sakit hati d..uuu

  5. haha..but i dont think it will spoil like dat..haha..try out..explore..haha..

  6. haha.. yup. ^^ getting the hang of it now. =)

  7. eh..give me your number leh!!! *not here though..haha*

  8. give ur num too..before u give me, r u sure dat is digi num? lol..

    u can just send me a msg den i'll noe who r


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