Saturday, June 21, 2008


i couldn't sleep last night. i woke up when my sis did at 6 as she was going to sitiawan. i realised then that i'd never make it to KL. krishan and navin called me at 8 before the olympiad. it was pretty decent of them. i just slept off in the end, from 8 to 12 - the duration of the whole event. so, that was it about the oxford and cambridge event.

today, at badminton, was the first time i conversed in a totally informal conversation in cantonese and i managed to pull it off well! kah ling started talking to me in cantonese, asking about school, whether this badminton player or that badminton player is leng chai. and she's only 12! gosh, i felt so awkward but i could understand most of what she's talking about. then, one state player's dad came and talked to me. he always does and talked to me in hokkien last time after finding out that we are kaki lang but i can't speak it. he always talks about my studies as his son is also in form 5. he's pretty confident i'll pull of 11A1s. O.o and he encourages me to go into matriculation.

dad's friend asked him to help write some short stories and dad asked me to write some too. it'll be published as a book, an antology and i'll be getting money. it's targetted at 12 to 13-year-olds and it's concerning the environment. the theme just makes it harder. well, i'll see what i can do. extra money!

i'm really mad at her and i have no desire to see her face tomorrow. gah.

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