Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kick Off - 1, 2, 3, 4

Just yesterday, I chopped off my hair at Direct Image (i think) with Chin Hui before tuition. It looked all fine until the girl applied gel and tried to spike my hair to no avail. She has no idea how! I got to wash it off at Florence's place but it was still tercacak tinggi. Mom and Dad.. they think that I look too boyish now. They hate it when I cut my hair so short. But, well, it was 3 bucks.

I left Ranger's meeting early to go for service band practice. All youth band! Sam, Daniel, Shao Wen and I with vocals comprising of Crystal, Sandra and Kirsten. The instruments were relocated back up on the stage, good, but the drums were arranged really uncomfortably and the screen got caught on the bass drum. So, I helped waste lots of time by rearranging the set. We managed to practice all the songs in a short while. During service, I really enjoyed the session. And something else came up..

[QV] says:
geng r today paly drums +p
yi wen says:
no la..
[QV] says:
ppl told me
[QV] says:
[QV] says:
glad to hear tat =D
[QV] says:
yi wen says:
[QV] says:
[QV] says:
good le
[QV] says:
so geng d
yi wen says:
im oni noob la
[QV] says:
[QV] says:
no la
[QV] says:
u improve le
[QV] says:
ppl telling me todays service very good
[QV] says:
u played well also =D
yi wen says:
yi wen says:
long time nvr play d
[QV] says:
nvm good enough la =p
yi wen says:
hehe.. thx
yi wen says:
[QV] says:

I'm pretty happy that Qi Vin said that though he's all the way in Aussieland. Seriously, word does travel fast. Barely 2 hours and my sifu Down Under knows about me playing tonight. Means, add oil! I've just said that I'd retire in July, but, how can I survive without touching my sticks? Then Dad miraculously told me that I can play occasionally even though SPM is nearing.

I thought of getting new sticks. But first, my Vic Firth must die. So, this is the cue to whack harder!

My Maxtone 5A, no brand 20 bucks sticks and Vic Firth.

3 sticks but I only use my my Vic Firth from US from Qi Vin. =)

They are injured already. It's less than a year old. When was the last time Timothy came back from US?

On another matter, I missed the half-colour sports award just because I never went to MSSPK. I did win MSSD and Anderson Open. Sigh. After Hari Anugerah Cemerlang, we got hold of one of the list of prize recipients and wrote down our names for the achievements that we want. I wrote down in the SPM results part:



1. LIM YI WEN 11A1 5S2






Sounds persan right? But these are my ambitions and I'll do whatever it takes to achieve them. Nothing is wrong with having ambitions right? With all that I have written, I hope that they'll be printed in next year's list for real.

That's all for now. I'm going to get french fries from Sam! YUM.

Signing out - HAPPY DRUMMING!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Survivor - A Little More Faith

'I do not think it would be wise to exterminate the adult Jewish men and women... leaving their children to grow avengers against our sons or grandsons. The decision had to be made to annihilate as well every Jewish child and make this poeple disappear from the face of the earth. This is being accomplished.'

- Excerpt from a speech by Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer-SS to Gauleiters, October 6, 1943 - Germany

What is yor first reaction, reading this quote? Shocked? I was. I read this quote in the autobiography, The Survivor by Jack Eisner, my favourite book. I've read it numerous times but I still enjoy it. Jacek, a 13-year-old choirboy was awarded a scholarship in the Warsaw Music Conservatory, but this dream was shattered when the Nazis invaded Poland. He became an expert smuggler in the ghetto, having to see his family and friends perish at the hands of the Germans. He was also involved in the Warsaw ghetto uprising and was transported to the camps. He managed to evade death by gas chambers and severe torture, and finally was reunited with his mother. However, 30 of his cousins, his sister, his childhood love, Grandma Masha, Papa and fellow friends were murdered.

This tale is really heart-wrenching and I still cringe whenever I read it. Those people existed and the thought of it makes it even worse. How could man turn into such beasts? How could they think of torture so severe? A commandant locked Jewish women and children in a shul, the house of prayer on a Sabbath and exploded the shul. The German SS troops also filmed Hasidic "festivals" where Hasidic Yeshiva students were forced to gorge themsleves with food and liquor in front of the camera at gunpoint, while the Germans made starving children watch, but not eat. They laughed and ridiculed. Finally, SS officer became bored and killed all the Hasidim and children. Then, they packed up and just left. Young girls were brought to the bordello in concentration camps and had to serve the SS officers and kapos with their bodies. A young child was thrown into the air and shot as a target practice. That is just the beginning.

This story is a grim reminder to us about how evil the human mind can be. I've always been interested to learn more about the Holocaust and this book was a big expose. I really wonder where was God when His people were suffering, massacred. The Jews were also wondering where God was and doubting that He was really there.


Where's everybody? Where are all the Jews? What did they do to them? You and your survival! Hanging on to life at any price! Where do you get your passion to go on breathing when everyone we knew and loved is being murdered? Do you think you're better than anyone else? That you have special connection to God? Well, the fact is, He wans no part of you! Don't forget, you're a Jew! And He, my father's Messiah, is right now dining in Berlin.. In partnership with them! Survival? What for!

- Rudy, The Survivor

Though, they doubted, they did continue to trust even in such dire situations. Now, our own problems are so much less than theirs and yet, our faith in God wavers easily. I guess God had a purpose for it to happen. I really don't know what but God knows. If God knew what to do then, certainly he'd know what to do now. All we've got to do is have a little more faith.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i couldn't sleep last night. i woke up when my sis did at 6 as she was going to sitiawan. i realised then that i'd never make it to KL. krishan and navin called me at 8 before the olympiad. it was pretty decent of them. i just slept off in the end, from 8 to 12 - the duration of the whole event. so, that was it about the oxford and cambridge event.

today, at badminton, was the first time i conversed in a totally informal conversation in cantonese and i managed to pull it off well! kah ling started talking to me in cantonese, asking about school, whether this badminton player or that badminton player is leng chai. and she's only 12! gosh, i felt so awkward but i could understand most of what she's talking about. then, one state player's dad came and talked to me. he always does and talked to me in hokkien last time after finding out that we are kaki lang but i can't speak it. he always talks about my studies as his son is also in form 5. he's pretty confident i'll pull of 11A1s. O.o and he encourages me to go into matriculation.

dad's friend asked him to help write some short stories and dad asked me to write some too. it'll be published as a book, an antology and i'll be getting money. it's targetted at 12 to 13-year-olds and it's concerning the environment. the theme just makes it harder. well, i'll see what i can do. extra money!

i'm really mad at her and i have no desire to see her face tomorrow. gah.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Idiots and Asses

i changed my mind. this was the worst week ever.

i'm so sure now she's purposely trying to shoot us down. it's so obvious and only idiots will not be able to see it. i want to shoot her down right now. after tuition, i went with mom to jusco and i just went talking to her. i guess i've never been closer to her than now. i'm just so pissed this whole week.

next on, the oxford and cambridge english event. clara and i were game but not the 5S1 trio. so, what the heck. we gave it a shot and went around dealing with helena and lee. finally, lee said okay but you have to go on your own - parents and all. but clara's dad wouldn't allow, so, it's down to me. dad said no, he's tired. i'm mad to the max. not at dad, but the whole thing. hello, it's oxford and cambridge. you don't get it everyday. it's national level and we have a chance of winning. it would also be a merit point to getting a scholarship. unlike some people who can afford to further their studies in expensive KL colleges, i can't. i hate the administration of everything. is it not enough? there has been so many ruined things for me this year. first was the 800m race because of mr cheang, then all the trouble with the HELP debate, and now this. i hate everything! go die to all the two-headed snakes in this world.

i'm so angry. i will not cry because of her. that just shows that i am weak. i am strong, stronger than she ever knows. she won't be able to break my spirit and i. she wants to act like an ass, go on. in the end, everyone will thumb their noses at her in disgust, because i know that i am right. that's for her.

for lee, i'll prove to her that it was the biggest mistake of not sending us to KL for the competition. she's going to regret it. i'm going to write quality essays for postal competitions and i'm going to win. and the prize money? the school's not going to get any of it. go die, MGS. you're turning into a military school. congrats.

all this shit is giving me so much stress. CF, what happened? a sudden power surge in the trinity hall caused the SONG LCD to go 'pop' and smoke came out of it. is God trying to put me to a test? i really don't know. probably, the only good thing that has happened is that imanaged to reap a highly commended for my BK postal quiz. fullstop.

i really hate all this. even as i write this, i'm crying. not because of her, but ecause of how things turned out. i'm really fed up. i just can't wait for school to end forever. God, if You are listening to this please do something. i'm at my wits end.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TV Show turned Real Life

i can honestly tell you that today was one really bad day.

i've always wondered whether mean girls like those in teen TV shows really exist. today, i felt like i was caught in one of the shows. well, i wasn't the mean girl. the victim? perhaps. the reasons?

1. if you don't like me, fine. but don't drag my true friends who love and accept me for who i am into the dirt with me. you can do that to me, but not to them as all they did was just take my stand.

2. don't butter and sugar me up with words of affections when all the time you probably call me an ass behind my back. just tell me straight, "you are an ass". calling me "darling" is 10 times worse than calling me the worst profanity.

3. yes, surely it is not for me to judge. but can we still call ourselves Christians after how you badly treat your brothers and sisters in Christ? how can we lead by example when our attitude is so bad? how can we close our eyes and raise our hands to God during worship when are hearts are full of spite? if i did such things, i wouldn't even dare look up to God.

4. anger itself is fine by me. somehow, you have to share it with friends. but does that mean you should go around tale-tattling to almost everyone you know? you might have as well made a public announcement on the 8 o'clock news.

5. people are not for you to take advantage of. the paper cup theory? use, crush and discard. they are not pawns in a chess game and neither are you the game master.

6. people are not stupid. we have eyes that see, ears that listen and minds that decipher. first, you show your anger. if that's not enough, you speak badly about them, obvious enough for them to see. then, you tell them, "oh sorry, i had a rough day." psst. yeah, right. i had a rough week with you.

you know the chinese idiom "two-headed snake"? yup, that's it.

to add oil to the fire, i received news that the oxford and cambridge english event has not been approved by the perak education department. hence, the whole team from our school is not going. at first i was a bit reluctant to go. i had to give up the national math olympiad for this. of course, i was quite happy when i found out that the 3 of us were selected specifically by the english panel. although my writing skill isn't the best, but it was nice to be given a shot at participating in a national level competition. i will continue to pray!

it was announced also that the class t-shirt is a whopping b****y RM 60. is there anyone in sane mind who would buy it? no offence but most of us are from middle class families, some lower middle class too. it's just a t-shirt anyway. although i don't wear dresses, i'd rather buy a dress for RM 60 than buy the t-shirt because it is more worth it.

it's really hot these past few days and although rain is threatening to fall now, it does not seem to. rain, please!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot, hot Night

one thing i remember from starwalk is that people were running and jogging. it's called starwalk for a reason. so inconsiderate. we purposely talked loudly about people being silly by running and sometimes it worked. the deejay said, "as time is running out, walkers are becoming runners, runners are becoming sprinters and sprinters just go flying.. ahh..." they should penalise all those cheaters.

it was a hot, hot day today and mrs. lee talked about conserving electricity since the tariffs are going up on july 1st. the whole day, i was just sweating it out. to make matters worse, electricity at our block was cut of at about noon and our class is placed strategically so that no wind can blow through. phew. so, we had english class outside under the big rain tree. we didn't study anything. we just played chinese whispers and charades. then we hung around the corridor during reading period as no teacher was in class.

it's 1:30 am now and i'm planning to study. EURO 2008? if i'm not mistaken, it's austria vs. germany and croatia vs. poland tonight. chong wei has won the singapore open after beating simon santoso from indonesia flat. good for him. he seems to be in top form currently. i also would like to play in one more badminton tournament before my schooling term ends. but is there any?

there are so many things i'd like to do after SPM, namely:

-volunteer at general hospital whose name has just been changed to hospital raja permaisuri bainun
-cook lunch everyday so we don't have to cater
-gardening outside my house i've picked up this odd liking to gardening since i've come to MGS
-get a really tough work-cum-learning job to toughen up and gain experience and knowledge
-go on holiday with my friends
-help dad at the church kindergarten they're short on workers i think
-play badminton everyday XD

oxford and cambridge english language event at sunway university college. how am i going to fare? hopefully well. i've started reading up on my debate research notes to brush up on my general knowledge but i don't think that's enough. i guess i'll be leafing through the dictionary to pick up some useable words too. but no matter what, nobody can compare to fellow comrade ee xin who is like a walking encyclopedia and i'm sure she'll ace this thing! there's not much info about this thing yet. all i know is we have to meet in school at the ungodly hour of 4 am and reach ipoh at 10 pm. what a turnoff. pssht.

alright. that's enough. got to hit the books!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweat, Blisters, Aches, Fun @ STARWALK

last night, i skipped service. ended up sleeping pretty early.

today was STARWALK. before that, i wasn't really looking forward to it. don't know why. the stadium was filled with thousands of people. at the starting line, everyone was sandwiched. claustrophobia took over and i couldn't breathe. i hate crowds. i walked with glenna, krishan and venisri. tried to walk as fast as i could although i wasn't in the competition. we started quite far behind. kiasu. managed to reach in time for the certificate. my lucky draw number was 2161. that means i'm the 2161th to reach the finish line?

karjie and i then went for brunch with 4 others - weng hong, steven, sum and wayne. ate the yummy claypot yee mee, but we had to wait for ages. it had better be good.. the verdict? yum.. it was good.

now, i'm back here. should i go for youth? i'm so sleepy. ah, see how it'll be. if i can awake from my afternoon slumber...


take the weight of the world by lifehouse

too tired to fold my hands
and throw them at your feet
let me stay here for awhile
I don't want to go
there's nowhere else to go away for me

so take the weight of the world
off of me for awhile
be my peace
be my light
be to me the hiding place tonight

you take away everything I have known
everything I can not have
and all that I want
all that I need is waiting here

so take the weight of the world
off of me for awhile
be my peace
be my light
be to me the hiding place tonight

lift me up to where the angels fly
lift me high to meet you there again
it's all I need
it's all I need

so take the weight of the world
off of me for awhile be my peace
be my light
be to me the hiding place tonight
be to me the hiding place tonight

i'm really exhausted with her treating people like paper cups. after talking to mom, i've decided to stay away to avoid being used, getting hurt and angry. is it actually right for me to ask as a child of God, whether dreams have meanings? i've realise that my dreams always revolve around running and hiding, and they come when i'm in the midst of a problem. well, i dreamt about it last night. its contents are better unspoken here. i was doing all the things i would do if i had erupted in anger. i guess the reason why i've not committed murder is because of God alone. thank you, God.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paper Cup

many would have already known the result of wira finals. but, i'll still pen down my point of view as part of the support team. yes, ACS won. again. the last debate of the year and MGS lost. for the 3 speakers, it was the last debate in their schooling year as all of them are form 5. so, it was understandable that they were devastated. after all, they sacrificed their mid-term and holidays and they worked throughout the night before the debate. and yet, they lost. it was a wonderful performance this year. it was the highest achievement MGS has had in many years. so, congrats on a job well done. yeah.. we're all pretty upset but what can we do? probably we'll meet again in some inter-university debate but in opposing teams. or will we ever be able to work as a team again?

because there were only two MGS supporters present navin and i, many MGS-ians did not witness how our debaters did. these people who know nothing about debate just criticised us for performing badly. someone even said our debaters were just like people selling things in pasar malam. they should just go in front and we'll see how they fare. debate takes brains, wit and skill. you can't do it, shut up and don't criticise.

rewiring was done in my house yesterday, causing the house to be in a big mess. after mano, it still wasn't done and they switched of the main. so, no electricity and i didn't get to study BK. i just went in almost unprepared but i think i may be able to scrape through to get a pass.

exam results? they were very discouraging and i really don't know how i will fare in the real thing. sigh. i dropped so much especially in history. really tough.

i was one of the lucky or unlucky? trio chosen by the english panel to represent the school in the sunway university college writing competition next saturday. however it clashes with the math olympiad. but i chose the writing over the math as my math is nothing to be very proud of. hopefully i'll ace it.

in the end, she didn't accept that t-shirt design. whattheheck. i sacrifice BK-studying time for it. i'm pissed, yes.

you're really a hypocrite. you despise me yet you pretend as though you are my best friend - hugging me, being so friendly, asking for favours. behind, you go on ranting about my bad attitudes, why you don't like me to just about anyone. you blamed me for something that was your fault entirely. i found out about something you said and you don't know that i do. it makes me so disgusted to know that you are being all so friendly around me yet you are just stabbing me silently in the back. people around you are not paper cups where you use, crush and dispose. take heed.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



MGS won the first round of wira against RPS. so, myself and the rest of the debaters will be heading to ACS tomorrow. we're pitted against the hosts after getting a bye in the semis. not bad.

about mid-term, there's no need to blog about it. sigh.. the only paper that i really liked was EST essay paper. math was okay but i'm not too proud of it. i managed to scrape through the science subjects, moral and add math. but well, like dad said, "aim for the big thing - SPM". so, i'm aiming not only for SPM but also trials. might be joining subra's intensive moral course but according to LCTan, we need to set up our own group. aiks.. anyone interested?

i managed to design the front portion of the class t-shirt. the turnout?

it's still a bit messed up because i've got no time to edit it pixel by pixel. i'm such a noob so i only use paint and microsoft word. simplicity. i find it tedious but not so confusing. doesn't matter what programme i use, it's the product we want. =)

you needed help but you didn't ask me although you knew i knew. instead, you asked someone else for my work. you really dislike me, don't you?

Monday, June 9, 2008



when philip asked when's BK exam, i said, "GOT MEH?" and then i just remembered that BK exam is this thursday! no wonder i felt that i had something important to do during holidays.. how am i going to swallow 36 chapters in 3 nights?? maybe i should concentrate on acts and scan through luke. i'm really in hot oil now. =( serene and shao wen insist that they haven't studied but i bet thay ace it. it's always like that.

the MGS debate team will be heading to ACS tomorrow for the district level wira cup debate. the team of 5 will be battling against RPS. hopefully, they'll get through which i am almost positive. however, i am unable to witness this debate as mrs. lee did not grant permission for supporters to go, only for the finals the next day. that's pretty sad and intimidating for the debaters too. i really wish i could go, just to watch. after all, i have no more debates in line anymore. the second topic is pretty interesting about censoring materials on the world wide web. after discussing the topic with krishan on the phone earlier, i couldn't even take my nap because my mind was completely on the topic! how i wish that was our topic for HELP. i really hope they'll make it to the finals.

we've been working on the NiE C4R competition. our group is:

that's a physics thing. a temperature so low that there's no resistance.

and these are our products:


nice, no? phui yan and i worked our heads out doing these stuff and especially getting them printed. the printers were so unprofessional. they took 1 whole hour to print 6 A3 pages! dad had to wait for me for ages. sorry.. mind you, in the midst of their unprofessionalism, they wanted to charge us RM12 extra for so-called designing and editting, when all the guy did was try to fix the ratio of the poster to fit the ratio of 2 A3s. broad daylight robbery. we argued and 12 bucks no more. =D

oh yeah... sorry to shuqi for forgetting your birthday and kay lynn too. i was away in penang. so, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

i'm really sorry that i couldn't help you, because i'm in the same position as you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

History & Technology

it's been quite some time. a lot of things have happened this hols. the taiping trip was blissfully fun. taiping is a sleepy town, a pale comparison to its days of glory during the tin mining era. being the wettest town in the country, it rained every afternoon. it's really beautiful though, rivers and lots of greens. historical sites and pre-war buildings dot the town. i love it. but i wouldn't want to stay there as the weather is really dreary.

isn't this absolutely scenic?

through this trip, i've also discovered that i enjoy tennis too. i also got the chance to take a dip in a pool after ages! after this outing, the four of us really grew closer to one another.

not long after that, i bounded off with my family to dad's hometown butterworth. before that, we had a scrumptious seafood meal at the tepi laut restaurant in kuala sepetang. i went there while i was in taiping. the restaurant is actually above a little dock for fishing boats just by the river, overlooking a massive chinese-domineered fishing village.

we also visited ngah ibrahim's fort which i had visited previously too. captain speedy's house is right next to it but it's in a rather bad shape so it's off limits. we also went to the island. there, at penang road, they had uncovered the tram car tracks in the middle of the road. that's a huge chunk of history! tram cars were a major mode of transportation those days. we made it to one of the many beaches along feringghi.

what else?

i think God whispered into my uncle's ears one night. he came back to ipoh this weekend with something for me. a coveted handphone! it was better than i had ever expected. it's a sony ericsson w380i. the features? it's a walkman phone, has a camera.. i haven't fully explored it yet. i'm no techno genius by the way. although i'm not exactly a fan of purple, this phone's an exception. he even got me a digi number! wow. i certainly believe that God works in the least expected ways. apparently, this model is from sweden. that's cool but i don't know whether it's available in malaysia. nevertheless, i'm a lucky pig. i'm blessed.

gorgeous, no?

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