Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yet Another Tag

yup... here goes. tagged by phui yan.

things i'm passionate about
.good music
.yummy food

8 things i say too often
.go die la
.anything also can

8 books i read recently
if i don't count reference books for exams recently
.the wonderful life of henry sugar by roald dahl
.old nancy drew & hardy boys' book
.tom sawyer by mark twain
.the badminton book by han jian
.stereotypical macho-man-troubled-past-woman romance antology by nora roberts
.the survivor by jack eisner my favourite
.the Bible in church
.the cross and the switchblade

8 songs i could listen to over and over again
.breathing by lifehouse
.solid rock by delirious
.le ciel by gackt
.the remedy by jason mraz
.first time by lifehouse
.kimi ni negai wo by miyavi
.who we are by lifehouse
.be my escape by relient k

8 thinks i've learnt in the past year
.everyone has different masks for different people
.form 5 is not as easy as form 4 as some people have said
.work without sweat and blood is nothing
.it's easy to tame a lion than to bring 10 humans together
.some things are not worth sacrificing for
.you fall... get up and move on
.the human mental strength is 99% unbreakable
.God reigns

8 people i tag
.me sis
.nyit yi
.ee xin
.yee san
.jo ooi

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