Saturday, May 17, 2008


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now this is something that has been bugging me. what am i going to do after SPM? i try imagining and this is what i come up with. hectic form 6 life in the bio class in ACS - i'd do things that i'd never got to do like joining the ediboard, go real crazy for sports... or go do matric in some ulu place. or go to USM. then, i'll study physiotherapy but it's so specialised that not many unis have the course. after that, do my masters overseas hopefully. university of teesside? come back as DR. YIWEN. waa... become physiotherapist for famed sports teams like MU(?) or korean badminton team(?). well, i can only imagine...

biologically, it's really hot these few days and i'm sweating like crazy. the heat is driving me nuts. but exams, SPM, badminton, school, music, debate, just about everything... it took me tonnes of effort to actually get to this level. not to say that i'm super good now either. i really need to get to a higher level, especially in my studies, so got to pour out all the sweat, the blood and the effort to get my straight A1s!

i lament and complain a lot here. well, it's called "rantings & lamentations" for a purpose, right? but, i've got lots to thank God for too. some people around me, opportunities, daily provisions, privileges, my family, deskmate... badminton! although he may not be able to afford it, dad always provides badminton equipment for me - my first racquet for my 14th birthday. although he needed badminton shoes badly, he sacrificed his need and bought a good new pair of shoes for me which has lasted more than a year. he pays for all my restringing which costs quite a lot and gets us new grips when we need it. how can i not be grateful?

...are funny creatures. i can never understand some people's behaviours and attitudes. and how they can wear so many masks with different people yet can know exactly who they are. but they are there for a purpose - to make your life hard and make you stronger. well, of course, there are nice people, undoubtedly and i thank God every second for placing them in my life.

well, my life has been... eventful. every single day packed with events, be they good or bad. i love life... i guess. =)

i now tag... phui yan, jean-li, sabrina, ee xin, may jet

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