Friday, May 2, 2008

Sledge Hammer Moments

what is a body if it is not complete? a head alone? or a head and an arm? probably useless. today, i was there - head. anna - the neck was there. however, both the arms of were missing - jessica and debbie - and so were many other body parts. the right arm was especially important as she often helped me sort out announcements and the PA system. but she is totally excused. tennis... what to do? mgs librarians should learn a thing or two about proper service. things were pretty disappointing today. pn. tan decided that we shouldn't announce the meeting dates suring assembly so the turnout was horrid. 39, instead of the usual 60 or so. only 10 parts of the body were there instead of the supposed almost 20. the body is like the main gear in a clock. if the one gear is missing, none of the gears can move and so, the clock won't function. same here - if the committee does not work together, nothing else will work out. no prior notice, nothing. this is very disappointing.

SONG talked about our relationship with God. then, i realised that yes, my relationship with God has pretty much gone down the drain. ai ling used rafia strings to represent our relationships. and smash, i realised that i'd better do something before i go all non-believer with God. isn't it ironic that i'm put up there in CF and my relationship ith God is deteriorating every breathing second?

right now, i just feel like smashing someone's head with a sledge hammer. SPLAT. DIE.

explain. i don't want to misinterpret you.

1 comment:

  1. lol..whos head u wanna smash? lol..

    den u'll be find guilty under dunno wad akta membunuh..haha..and u'll ended up wit a rope on ur neck..haha..


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