Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hint, hint!

after ages, i'm back here blogging for real. late news but china won the thomas cup for the 7th time in a row. but i say that the finals match between lin dan and park sung hwan was nothing in comparison to lin dan vs. chong wei. the doubles zhongbo-zhengdong against jae jin-ji man was really bad. hyun il did put up a good fight against chunlai but he was punctured already.

i'm currently saving up for a new badminton bag since my shared old one just tore at its seams. now, my racquet and sean's are stuffed into one small bag which i won't be able to stuff my shirts and shoes in. =/

no definite plans for hols. all i know is i want to play badminton with friends. but don't know whether they'll be free or not. anyone wants to play? ahh... can't play this week. tension... wooo...

octofinals coming up this weekend. it's gonna be hectic. THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT DEVELOPED NATIONS MUST PAY AN ENVIRONMENTAL TAX. opposing. then immediately in the afternoon, IF we beat ABKL, THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT FASHION MAGAZINES ARE DETRIMENTAL TO THE PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF YOUTH. gosh... not enough time to prepare... we met up with shao wen and kave the other day. min jie was in KL. but we couldn't get anything. sigh... i really want to get through this round. oh yeah... in the HELP website, they have this thing: vote for your favourite team. however you can't vote numerous times because they take down your IP address. hopefully we'll get to win that one but i think schools like DJ and DU will win. MGS people, take the hint!


made for him a simple card with pics of stuff that he likes...

phui yan's birthday's tomorrow. did for her something cute that i'll post up AFTER giving it to her otherwise she might chance upon it here and poof no more surprise. excited for her party but what? dresscode... DRESS. gosh. i don't even have a dress or a skirt. other than my pinafore and prefect's skirt. maybe i'll just turn up in slacks. XD they're gonna kill me. hopefully jess is coming.

that's all... night.

you're a butterfly.
going here, getting what you want, then leave.
little do you know, you're breaking the hearts of all the people around you.
continue and you'll be alone in the end.


  1. playing badminton? hmm..we might be playing during the 2 weeks hols..see if u wanna join us..k?

    btw, are u going for the Perak Youth Tournament?


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