Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heaven's Door

i have officially flunked bio! joy... and bio was supposed to be my stronger science subject.

thomas & uber cup is on! malaysia managed to beat the kiwis and koreans so far. but sadly, i cannot watch one match because they don't air it on national TV and i have exams. sigh... i wonder what's the results for today's matches. hopefully malaysia will get to bring both the cups back. but there'll be a tough fight against opponents like china. thomas cup, possible, but uber? i don't think we've made it to semis before. go, malaysia!

tomorrow, i have an english paper and math 2. ok... not too bad. should be okay. then on thursday, physics day. this is going to be tough because i'm quite bad in my electricity part.

usually, every teachers' day, the form 5 prefects and librarians will do some joint performance. but this year, i don't know why, they don't want to do it. it our year! =/ i might even miss that day because we'll be going to KL again for HELP octos. but we haven't gotten approval from mrs. lee to leave in the morning. either sit on KTM or bus again. excited for both.

i was thinking of holding something like a worship meeting for CF committee members... get in tune with God. i don't even think that we are in sync with one another. sigh.

i'm really addicted to this song - breathing by no other but lifehouse. kinda christian-y but not the kind you sing during worship.

'cause i am hanging on every word You say
and even if You don't wanna speak tonight
it's alright, alright with me
'cause i want nothing more
than sit outside heaven's door
and listen to You breathing
is where i want to be.

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