Sunday, May 4, 2008



that's what they were all reciting in myf today in order to get a free big mac at mcD.

so... i tried restraining but the temptation of the net was too overwhelming. i returned to badminton training and boy, i am unfit already! we did singles training which i sucked badly. then the doubles drill. fun. smash, smash, smash all the way. we got to train with the bigger guys also. they're not older, 'cause i'm the oldest there! they are mainly the geng fellas like chun leong, shi jie, deric, tan, kelvin... just to name a few. then played attacking matches. won 1 out of 2. lost the second by 2 points! you should see the difference in size between me and my opponent! XD it was a good sweat out after such a long time since i've touched my racquet.

qivin played for both night service and myf. i wonder when i can actually be as good as him... well, i guess never. sigh. i pale in comparison to him.

i got stung by godknowswhat. so, i've got to see the doctor as the sting is embedded in the puncture wound. my shoulder is swelling. =/

yay... we are gonna start study group. so far, shao wen, adelyn and i. then, we'll see if more want to join. but it shouldn't be too big, otherwise we'd end up chatting.

guess what? i was locked out of my house for the umpteenth time! *sob* mom and dad picked me up from myf and were rushing to a wedding dinner. reached home and oik? karjie's car wasn't in. did she go to church to pick me up??? so i went into the porch. note that i had no key or handphone. dad drove off and i ran to the hate waving like a mentally deranged soul, but they didn't see. so, i waited there and pounded on the door till it shook and the psychotic chihuahua next door barked at me. i decided to walk out to the payphone. this is not the first time i've did this because i've been locked out before! but the usual phone was spoilt. %*£^@ walked from phone booth to phone booth but all spoilt. then, i went home. lo and behold, karjie's car was home! she thought i was kidnapped because i left my Bible and sejarah book on the shoe cabinet.

anyone going for starwalk? looking forward to it. i can't wait for Ipoh International Run! i must do better than my place as the 63rd medallist. is this supposed to be good? XD excited...

i'm glad we're okay.

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