Saturday, May 10, 2008

Foodie on the Hunt

since dad said "no" to my choice of culinary arts, i stopped cooking. but today, i woke up feeling like cooking and what else? i cooked. i managed to rope sean in and got him to chop up veggies. so, this is what we had.

sausages fried in garlic butter

fried butter omelette

mixed veggie tossed in butter



chocolate milk

good? although it wasn't much, we were stuffed. yum. we made a deal to cook every saturday morning together. well, it's me who does the frying things and sean does the chopping and washing.

badminton was great. especially the drill. joe heang gave thumbs up and a "90 marks". LOL. mr. lee didn't come... dunno why but i just saw him yesterday. sparring was poor but i managed to win both singles and doubles' sets. XD

when i got back... i got ice-cream and mixed it with chocolate chips, those pastel stars and cereal puffs. haha. so "wai sek" today... hehe. XD

looks good? yum..

got to go for service later, then study the whole night... chemistry. aiks. tomorrow, study group, finally! anyone wants to join us? =D


  1. er..actually i dunno wad is the
    2nd photo until u said its an

    er..the food u cooked looks nice..but..does it taste good in the mouth? lol..

    sean is ur bro? group.nice wan..but too bad..i'm not able to study in group coz its

  2. to wenghong:

    yup.. it was yummy. XD
    yeah.. he is.


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